Is your QuickBooks Multi-user Mode Not Working? Here’s a Quick Fix

While utilizing the QuickBooks application, users may encounter a variety of errors that hamper their productivity and workflow. One of the most admired features in QuickBooks, Multi-User Mode, enhances the utility of accounting operations and daily duties for businesses. Using this mode, multiple users can work on the same QuickBooks company data file without affecting the progress made by others. Nevertheless, the QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working error disrupts the operation of multiple users. This is why we have created this blog post to assist you in getting rid of the error in no time. 

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Reasons Why QuickBooks Multi-User Stops Working

  1. When the QuickBooks application is improperly installed on the server computer, users encounter this error.
  2. This error occurs as a result of a firewall or anti-virus program’s restrictions on the server and the workstation computers.
  3. This error may occur if the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is unable to access the QuickBooks company data file.
  4. Incorrect Windows file permissions are also a contributing factor to this error.
  5. Incorrect hosting settings of the QuickBooks Desktop software on your server, which hosts the company data file, are also the cause of this error in multi-user mode.

Methods for Resolving the QuickBooks Multi-User Error

Method 1: Rectify The Problem By Renaming The.TLG and . ND Files

  1. Initially, navigate to the Product Information page by pressing F2 on your keyboard in QuickBooks Desktop. Following this, the Product Information window will appear on your screen.
  2. Now, under the File Information tab, you must locate the company file with the.TLG and . ND file extensions. These files are located in the same folder as your company file. 
  3. Now, in this stage, you must right-click on the aforementioned program files in the company file folder and rename them by adding them.OLD at the end of their names.

Verify whether the error has been resolved or is still causing problems accessing the company file on multiple systems. 

Method 2: Resolve the Problem by Adding the Server to The Windows Host File

  1. Initially, you must utilize Notepad on the computer that is experiencing the error in hosting the company file in multi-user mode. Following this, you must access your Windows host file.
  2. Here, the location of the host file is (C: WindowsSystem32DriversEtc). Now, if necessary, open Notepad using your Admin credentials. Then, you must input the IP address of the server, followed by the previous IP address.
  3. This phase requires you to use the Tab key to enter the server’s name in the dialogue box. Now, navigate to the Save icon via the File menu.

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To Sum It Up! In most cases, following the solutions in this article will get you rid of the QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue. If your issue has not been resolved, contact our support team at +18557380359 for advanced help and assistance.

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