The Complete List of Google Search Operators

Here is a complete list of all working Google advanced search operators:

  • “search term” Use this to do an exact-match search.
  • OR Search for this OR that. This will return results related to the two terms or both.
  • AND Search for this AND that. This will only return results related to the two terms
  • – Exclude a term or search phrase.
  • * Acts as a wildcard and will match any word or phrase.
  • ( ) Groups multiple terms or operators to control how the search is shown.
  • $ Search for prices.
  • define: Displays the meaning of a word in a card-like result.
  • Cache: Returns the most recent cached version of a web page (as long as the page is indexed).
  • filetype: Shows results of a certain filetype (PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, etc.)
  • site: Limit results to a specific website.
  • related: Find sites related to another site.
  • intitle: Find pages that contain a specific word in the title.
  • allintitle: Like “intitle,” this finds web pages containing all of the specific words in the page title.
  • inurl: Finds pages with a certain word in the URL.
  • allinurl: Similar to “inurl,” this finds web pages containing all of the URL’s specific words.
  • intext: Finds pages containing a specific word in the content.
  • allintext: Finds results containing all of the specific words somewhere on the page.
  • AROUND(X) This proximity search finds pages containing two words (or phrases) within X words of each other.
  • weather: Finds the weather for a specific location.
  • stocks: See stock information
  • map: View map results for a location search.
  • movie: Finds information about a specific movie.
  • in Convert one unit into another (like currencies, weights, temperatures, etc.)
  • source: Find news results from a certain source within Google News.

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