QuickBooks Data Migration Services

QuickBooks data migration services allow users to migrate their data folders from one location to another or a different computer, other accounting software, or a different QuickBooks version. Migrating your accounting data can be risky as there can be chances of losing it. But QuickBooks offers a service package to help you perform the migration without the risk of losing company data.

After reading this, you must wonder how migration services work and what kind of data it migrates. To provide you with detailed information about the same, we are writing this article. Continue reading it till the end.

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What are Data Migration Services in QuickBooks?

Data migration services in QuickBooks are a set of services to help you transfer your data folder from one location to another. There can be any reason why you want to transfer your data, but most probably, data is relocated because of the following:

  1. When your data in the file or file size is expanding or file size.
  2. Data migration is necessary if you want to switch from QuickBooks desktop to online to any other version.
  3. In case you are moving from one accounting software to QuickBooks.

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Data that Won’t Convert with Migration Services:

Migration services let you transfer or migrate your data but with some exceptions. These services won’t let you transfer/convert some company data even after creating a backup. This data holds some personal details about the supplier vendors, credit card charges, Inventory of your product, Audit Trail of payroll, Credit card charges, and journal entries of transactions.

Above, we have discussed some important information related to data transferring, which you must have before starting the migration process.

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Here’s How You Can Migrate Your QuickBooks Data

Before we move to learning the migration process, make sure:

  1. Your QuickBooks is updated to its latest version.
  2. You have created a safety backup of your data.
  3. QuickBooks user account is not in multi-user mode.
  4. Your QuickBooks is storing your data on local storage.

Here’s How You Can Undertake Your Migration Services

You must upload your transferable data to undertake these migration services in QuickBooks. Let’s see how:

  1. First, choose a service plan while signing up time on the QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Now, upload your data in the folder which you will migrate; Bank data, charts of accounts, products, services, customers, suppliers, invoices, and bills in CSV format.
  3. Finally, review your uploaded data.

When the process is done, don’t forget to set up Inventory and keep track of it, which you can do from the Show Product/Service column in the Edit tab of Settings. And that’s how you can successfully migrate your data.

The information mentioned above will help migrate from one program to another. If you still need help related to QuickBooks Data Migration Services, call us on +1.833.802.0002 and consult our experts for instant support.

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