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This blog article on how to remove password from PowerPoint VBA project covers the techniques discussed below and a series of easy steps that are all that is needed to remove the PowerPoint password. When someone forgets their password, they may encounter various difficult circumstances that call for them to change it. Someone asked a question similar to the one below on the forum:

User Query;

Hello, Team! My name is Maria, and I’m in charge of organizing this team. I left out some key information in order to keep a trade secret safe. This prompted me to safeguard those presentations using a secret code. Unfortunately, you lost the PowerPoint password. Is there a way to turn off the password lock in PowerPoint VBA?

Many others are in the same position as you are, in that they must do this duty but have no idea how to do it. Most likely, this essay will outline the most efficient methods for carrying out the task at hand.

2 Methods of Disable PowerPoint VBA Password

Remove password from PowerPoint VBA project in one of two methods. You’ve got a choice between doing the task by hand or using some specialized software. The professional opinion will be addressed first since it is the best. Next, we’ll talk about the constraints that come with using manual methods. Check it out.

Delete Password Protection from PowerPoint VBA Project by Using Manually

  1. Identify the file whose VBA password you want to remove.
  2. If you want to open a zipped file, all you have to do is change the extension and hit Enter.
  3. To access the file again after renaming it, just double-click on it.
  4. Look in the “XL” folder for a file named “vbaproject.bin,” and then extract it.
  5. Open the archived file with a Hex editor now.
    Add up the values for CMG=, DPB=, and GC=.
    Replacements for CMGx=…, DPBx=…, and Gcx=…
  6. Make sure you save your work before closing the Hex editor if you make any changes to the text.
  7. Keep on by including the most recent file’s contents in the present zip archive.
  8. You must ensure that you use the proper file extension in place of .zip.

The aforementioned procedures may be used to remove password from PowerPoint VBA project.

Remove Password from PowerPoint VBA Project by Using Professionally

One of the most trusted tools is the 4n6 VBA Password Remover Tool, which is highly recommended. This utility was developed to support a wide range of different user types. This program’s user interface makes it simple to decrypt password-protected PowerPoint files. It makes to remove password from PowerPoint VBA project straightforward. Experts determined from their assessments that this tool is trustworthy for both technical and non-technical users. Using this tool, anybody may quickly and simply delete the password from any number of PowerPoint VBA projects.

Learn How to Use this Professional Software

  1. Download this professional software and then install and run this software
  2. Thereafter, click on the open button and then upload the PowerPoint vba projects
  3. After that, click on the Action tab and then select the remove password option
  4. Choose the browse button for selecting the destination path for the resultant file and then hit the save button
    remove password from PowerPoint VBA project

Merits and Demerits of Both Solutions

Manual approaches have a variety of shortcomings. They take a lot of time and are not just too long. It will be difficult to remove password from PowerPoint VBA project. Certain technical expertise is also required to open them. All the shortcomings of manual operations are eliminated by the employment of specialized software. It also offers a number of advantages that together make it the best choice.

  • This program has a risk-free graphical user interface and is easy to use.
  • Thanks to its dual-mode functionality, you may import either a single PowerPoint VBA file or a number of projects.
  • The application enables the simultaneous removal of VBA password protection from several PowerPoint files.
  • Additionally, when the password is deactivated in PowerPoint VBA, there are no file size restrictions.
  • Depending on the prerequisites, this program may be downloaded and used on Windows 11, Windows 10, or earlier versions of Windows.
  • The whole progress report is shown on the screen with the aid of our innovative PowerPoint VBA Password Remove.


It’s easy to secure data using a password. However, you’ll discover that deleting a password from any file is a very difficult procedure. In this blog, the procedures needed to remove password from PowerPoint VBA project have been described. Both the DIY and hired methods of doing this task have been covered in this article. You are free to choose the strategy that best satisfies your needs.

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