Outlook PST File Splitter Full Version Free Download

This blog gives a step-by-step tutorial for downloading the full version of Outlook PST Splitter Software. It also goes over the necessity and features of the MS Outlook PST File Splitter program.

PST files are the primary storage format for messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals in Microsoft Outlook. As a result, PST files require extra care to avoid any unpleasant situations. For PST files in Outlook 2002 and older versions, the size restriction was 2 GB. Similarly, it was expanded to 20 GB in Outlook 2003 and 2007.

However, the current version of Outlook 2016 has a PST file size limit of 50 GB. As a result, you must keep data in the PST file up to 2 GB. Otherwise, Outlook’s performance will suffer. There could be an issue with the send/receive operation. So, if you have large PST files, you can solve the problem by splitting PST files.

In the following section, I will discuss the importance of using a full-version PST splitter program to reduce the size of PST files.

Outlook PST File Splitter Full Version Free Download

Download the Full Version of PST Splitter Software

As previously stated, you can split PST files if the data in them exceeds the size limit. This is possible with the use of the PST splitter software. The PST file splitter breaks the huge PST file into numerous smaller PST files. Your data is divided into little files as a result of this. Furthermore, there is no data damage or loss. Because large PST files can become corrupted. Outlook performs poorly as a result of corruption. You can prevent some unpleasant situations by using the PST split tool. So, I’d like to recommend PST Split Software, which is a very effective tool for dividing PST files.

Full Version Outlook PST Splitter Tool Features

The full version of PST split software has numerous capabilities. The next section discusses the numerous qualities.

  • This software is suitable for dividing large PST files into smaller ones.
  • It allows you to divide the PST file by date, size, and email address.
  • Contacts, Calendars, messages, notes, tasks, and other mailbox items are also integrated into the resulting files.
  • It supports PST files with encodings such as ANSI and UNICODE.
  • The software supports all main versions of Outlook, old and new.
  • This PST split Tool works with all versions of the Windows operating system.

Knowing the features, you may then download the software from our secure website.
To run the software, see the section below.

How to Use Outlook PST Splitter Full Version Software

  • After downloading the DataVare Outlook PST Split Expert Software, proceed as follows:
Outlook PST File Splitter Full Version Free Download
  • Select the PST file to split from the Browse tab.
  • The information about the selected PST file will be displayed by the utility.
  • The tree structure of the selected PST file will be presented. You can split anything you choose. You
  • Can also choose from a variety of alternatives for splitting PST files.
  • Give the size and location of the resulting PST file. Then, select the Split PST file option.


I believe this site will assist you in understanding the significance and procedure of downloading the full version PST splitter program. The tool’s free version is completely free.

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