What is the ideal video length for businesses on Youtube?

Video marketing is one of the most efficient models of online marketing. The primary reason for that is the ease of content consumption. In other words, it is the easiest way of conveying information to consumers. Businesses can use illustrations and motion to leverage creative marketing and better explain their idea to their target audience.


However, several factors facilitate the effective execution of video marketing. One of them is getting the right video length. No doubt lengthy videos help increase exposure if the user intent demands so. 


Suppose you want to fasten your laptop processing speed. You find two YouTube videos titled tips and tricks to boost your laptop, having a video length of 40 and 2 minutes, respectively which video will you watch? Your obvious answer would be the second one because, in this case, you are probably looking for a quick solution.


User intent is essential for determining the current length of a video. You must put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to understand the purpose behind searching for a specific term. 


  • Keep it short:-


No one like to listen to anyone talk about a topic for 60 minutes. People want their answers quick and eloquently. In other words, keep your video length as soon as possible. Your aim should be to reach as many people as possible.


According to a Vidyard report, videos over 10 minutes in length deter over 59.9% of people from watching. Videos with shorter lengths are better for increasing consumer engagement and strengthening your marketing process. Ideally, your YouTube video length must oscillate between 6 to 8 minutes for maximum results. Most marketers agree that you risk losing viewers once your video goes over 10 minutes.


  • Convey the essential information first:- 


YouTube statistics suggest that 20% of visitors bounce within the first 10 seconds of the video. It means that every second counts for increasing engagement on YouTube videos. The first 1 minute of your YouTube video is essential to grab your target audience’s attention and then lead them eloquently throughout the video. 


Suppose, you clicked on a video for the solution to a specific query, and the persons in the video began talking about topics related to the focused keyword for the first 5 minutes. How frustrated would you be? Think similarly when you are creating videos for your target audience. Answer their questions as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with one of the best YouTube advertising agencies in India


  • Focus on your visitor’s search intent:- 


Search intent is the first thing you must consider while creating a video. Understanding consumer search intent is the easiest way to determine the ideal length for your business video. Your ability to provide quality content is synchronous with your ability to comprehend consumer search intent. 


There are several benefits of understanding the search intent behind a user query, some of them are as follows: 


  1. It helps you find effective keywords to optimize your Youtube videos.
  2. Create quality content that directly answers your user’s queries.
  3. Achieve higher SERP rankings by allowing the Youtube algorithm better comprehend your videos. 




Businesses now understand the importance of video marketing for their business and consistently use them as a part of their marketing efforts. Video length is vital to achieving the most out of your video marketing efforts. A longer video length irritates consumers and increases bounce rates. It makes it essential to keep your videos as short and precise as possible.


Additionally, the initial one minute is essential for grabbing consumer attention. People won’t go through your video if they do not find the answer to their question right away. The best way to determine the right video length for your business video is to understand consumer intent and answer it as precisely as possible. The more eloquent you are with your answers higher will be your YouTube rankings.

By Shikha

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