Ex-YouTube Employee Reveals How To Grow Your YouTube Channel

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When you’re starting a channel the Biggest mistake everyone makes is they Launch the Channel with nothing on it or Just one video Don’t do that dude come on come on guys Think about it this way right watch time Matters and so if you’re telling people Go watch this thing and there’s nothing For them to watch or there’s nothing to For them to like latch onto you’re Telling YouTube this is a channel that Isn’t going to retain people very long And so when we launch a channel we Launch it with five videos so that way People go on a significant watch time Journey in the that first week period so That way it tells YouTube wow this is a Great Channel that’s going to get people

To watch and they’re going to be really Engaged and it shows your audience that You’re committed to it too so don’t Launch with one video like most YouTubers do instead launch with five Videos and on top of that I’d say make Sure those five videos are slightly Different styles and formats while still Keeping it related to your Niche so you Can experiment with what resonates most And double down on that for your next Five videos and so forth next question How do I make videos consistently if I Have a job and family alright this is Something I thought about a lot while I Was making content during my off time While working on Instagram and YouTube And the biggest advice I could give is Batch production scheduled release if You’re working a job if you’re going to Spend time with family you want to make Sure you’re not context switching too Much between that and being creative and Getting in Flow State because if you Don’t you’re just gonna be waking up Thinking about video ideas you’re not Going to be that good instead I Recommend taking time to batch your Production spend time once a week really Thinking about different ideas scripting Them out and trying to do three or four In one sitting and then if you can film Then or schedule another time so you Could take care of the production of it

And that way you batch it all together And then schedule the release so let’s Say once a week you batch the production Which I would do on Sunday nights when I Was working my day job so it wasn’t on Their time and then I’ll schedule the Release during the week in the mornings Before my job started so I think about It like that that’s production scheduled Release next question how do you draw in New viewers all right search is going to Be your best friend especially when You’re trying to get initial traffic and A great way to get content that feeds Into search traffic is to use Google Trends and use it in a way that most People don’t so go to trends.google.com Filter by YouTube search instead of Web Search type in the words related to your Niche and see which one is highest and Start making content around that first And to make it even easier tubebuddy has A great tool which you could just plug In that shows your search volume the Competition for that search term and the Overall score for any search term right When you put it into YouTube which can Be super helpful in helping decide what To make content about to build your Initial audience next question how do I Tell better stories alright follow this Four-step process to tell better stories Intro problem solution outro and this is Actually a process that Nas daily uses

Obsessively to grow to 30 million Followers across social media the intro Is the hook and then comes the problem Solution and outro which could sound Like this did you know that uh the United Arab Emirates is one of the Driest countries in the world How do they drink That’s a problem yeah yeah and but you Never thought about this problem ever in Your life but now you’re interested in The solution to that problem then you Walk them through the solution one two Three four five and then there’s always An outro there’s always a call to action Which is yeah this is really not about The Emirates or the drinking or the Water whatever this is about water Conservation all around the world and Including you so you got to make it a Little bit personal and in that outro It’s key that you bring it back to the Viewers so if you tell a story about Water conservation in the Emirates for Example then you should think about how To conserve water in your own life so The viewer ties it back to their Day-to-day next question how can I Improve my iPhone’s

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