What is a DJ service and what do you get from it?

While booking live band for your wedding, corporate event or a community getogether you will also see the name DJ dropped in to contention and also see advertisements of DJ service posted at the band provider shop. A DJ service is a relatively unknown terminology two decade ago but the first DJ happened in 1943 as DJ Jimmy Savile used the upstairs rooms of Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds, Otley, UK. The term DJ or Disc Jockey was coined by Walter Winchell, an American radio commentator and the term denoted an announcer or radio broadcaster playing recorded music to an invisible audience.  It was a mixture of the DJ’ own selection of music or listener’s request and the session is usually interspersed with wise talk, important information and current affairs like weather and what is happening in the town.  DJing involved playing dance music in a party hall or club like environment where music of individual tastes of famous personalities. It was mostly aired music only recently it has become a part of important events that are mostly celebratory and rejoicing. Now no wedding goes without a DJ and DJ service for wedding has become a mandatory feature.

What is in a DJ Service and what you get out of it?

DJ services play selected music list for an audience of dancers and dance floors are specially structured for the events. Whether it is a wedding event or birthday bash a portable dance floor is carted to the event venue and installed with underground lighting etc. the dance floor will also have overhead lighting, strobes, and psychedelic lights. This is on request otherwise it is one person playing variety of dance music from his own playlist or acknowledging guests requests. A DJ sometimes is accompanied by a live band that you book for a wedding and it is a different package and a costly one.

Benefits of DJ service

Many great benefits are obtained from a booking and some of them are:

  • A wedding or other party is kept alive by the music blast coming from oversized speakers. Unlike live bands DJ can function non-stop. It is cheaper and you can hire the service with or without a DJ. If the service is not manned by a DJ it is cheaper but a DJ will cost you.
  • DJ services produce top quality sound using high wattage speakers and it blasts high quality sound with amazing clarity.
  • DJ services are easily portable and they come in with their equipment and set them up to play music for a few hours and neatly wrap it up without much fanfare. It is usually the DJ taking control of the occasion and proceedings because celebrations mostly take place on the dance floor.
  • A DJ will use most sophisticated playback equipment and discs and use computers like laptop to pick from huge selection of music stored in the machine. It is state-of-art equipment show that hardly ever fails
  • With a DJ you can enjoy a variety of music fare that comes from unlimited source of music. DJs also use discs to produce special effect sounds in the background of the music they are playing and it adds to the mood and atmosphere making it a mind blowing experience for the audience.

The service can additionally provide karaoke services where people can voice their talent to pre-recorded music.  You can avail Local Karaoke DJ for Hire if you are planning to feature some of your guests’ singing talent. It will be an additional service warranting additional fee. This service is a significant entertainment feature that can hugely enhance the enjoyment quotient for the evening.

Not all DJ services are impressive, not because of the selection of music by DJ but his or her ability to keep the audience bound to his dictum. DJs are immensely talented individual with deep knowledge of music, and what is going in the party circuits.  Most DJs egg their audience with witty dialogues and inviting the audience to partner him at occasions. This actually makes them famous in the eyes of dance crazy crowd and popular DJs are costly hire. If you are planning a wedding and are undecided on the choice of entertainment you can engage Nightlife Sounds, best DJ to Hire for Parties for Milton Keynes and other areas like Buckinghamshire Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire. You can book their services by calling the number 07821610358 or sending message to Info@nightlifesounds.co.uk.

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