Journalism does not confine to only writing articles. It goes beyond that which involves storytelling, revealing truths, and increasing the voices of those who are unheard. Every hour, a new story about discovery, science, politics, education, sports, or innovation from the world emerges. Without journalists, it would be difficult for the public to learn about such stories.

Today, many students in India desire to pursue undergraduate journalism courses at the best journalism colleges in Mumbai. The area is expanding quickly in India, and there is an increasing need for qualified experts like anchors, digital marketers, TV reporters, etc. So, let’s look at the courses, scope and future of this field in India.

What courses are offered after BA in a top journalism college in Mumbai?

You can pursue a master’s degree in the top journalism college in Mumbai after receiving a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication. This comprises: the MA in Journalism & Mass Communication is intended for students who are interested in the media and wish to pursue careers in the industry. The curriculum gives students a thorough knowledge of the course, empowering them to tackle challenges and prosper.

Students who pursue an MBA in communications management can improve their strategic thinking, communication, and leadership abilities—skills essential for success in today’s quick-paced, constantly-evolving corporate environment. It gives students the information and abilities they need to become competent speakers and work in various positions.

What is the scope of journalism and mass communication?

Mass communication is a broad field which comprises radio, television, newspapers and magazines, and online sites as media. At present, all media outlets are flourishing with news and opportunities for careers. After completing a course in mass communication from one of the top mass communication colleges in Mumbai, one can work for a variety of publications, radio stations, television networks, magazines, and film production companies. In addition, one can get employment with advertising agencies, public relations businesses, and event management organisations. The scope of journalism and mass communication is vast and dynamic, offering exciting and diverse opportunities in today’s interconnected world. Firstly, traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, continue to thrive, providing a solid foundation for journalism careers.

What is the skill development in Journalism and mass communication?

You must exhibit concentration, determination, and a passion for creative things to succeed in this sector. Many colleges offer well-known journalism and mass communication courses in Mumbai, training their students to gain various skills. This includes strong interpersonal abilities, helps grow into intelligent individuals, and transform into creative, dynamic, and enterprising individuals throughout the programme. The skill development in Journalism and Mass Communication is carefully crafted to prepare students for the competitive media industry. The curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive range of skills essential for success in this dynamic field.

What are the job opportunities in journalism and mass communication?

The opportunities for those interested in journalism and mass communication are constantly expanding, given the rising popularity of these mass communication channels. Some jobs include content Writing and Generation, Journalism, Public Relations, TV Correspondence, Advertising, Fashion Photography, Film Industry, Legal Affairs, Online Media, Event Management, and Digital Marketing. In this industry, various positions are available, such as TV anchor, news editor, screenwriter, senior journalist, junior journalist, and many others. The field of Journalism and Mass Communication offers a diverse range of job opportunities across various media platforms. Graduates with this specialization can explore a multitude of rewarding career paths.

What salary prospects are available in journalism and mass communication?

In this diverse industry, the salary mostly depends on qualifications and experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a journalist and anchor at the highest level or a news reporter or correspondent at the beginning level. For a newbie from one of the reputable mass communication institutes, salary can range from Rs. 3lac to Rs. 6lac annually. However, this price also varies with the top companies hiring journalist graduates.


The media is an effective means of communication and is crucial in bringing people closer. With the development of media, journalism’s ability to connect and influence people worldwide has significantly risen. Students with a journalism and mass communication degree have several options to engage with media, understand the ins and outs of the industry and have a wide range of job opportunities.

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