A dedicated space is required for a business entity from where it can operate. There is, however, a difference between a commercial space and an office space. When you would drop into a commercial store, you may observe management tasks being taken care of right there. Still, you cannot say that it is the office from where the entire business is being operated. One can get an office or commercial space in Gurgaon, but understanding the requirement of space demands an understanding of the basic difference between the two. 

It is right to say that a commercial space or an office helps in running a business. The nature of business, however, changes with each space. An office space may not provide the space for running a commercial store. For that, you would need an expansive space depending on your inventory. An office space could be a franchise or headquarters for carrying out the operations and administration of a company or an organization. A person looking forward to running an apparel store would look for a commercial space in Gurgaon. Let’s study this further.  

Commercial Space vs. Office Space

What is a Commercial Space? 

Firstly, commercial space could be any property where you carry out a business/official activity. An office space, in that case, is considered a commercial space. It is because you are carrying out a commercial activity there. But think about a person running a business from home! In that case, there is commercial activity going on from residential space.

Commercial space is a broad term that accommodates various office spaces. When you are looking for a commercial space, you are searching for a property where you can accommodate different business activities. It could be a small one or an expansive complex. An individual commercial store could be used for starting an office or a retail store. However, the infrastructure would change as per the requirements. 

Generally, however, commercial setups are meant for setting up a retail store. However, the term commercial in itself is explanatory. When one is taking commercial property on rent, the reason is indefinite. Therefore, the reasons would help in distinguishing what kind of commercial space you need.  

What is an Office Space? 

An office is, also, a commercial space. However, office space is dedicated to running the operations of a company. The administrative and managerial tasks for running an organization take place in an office. The infrastructural arrangement of this place may vary. There are plenty of options for someone looking for an office space. 

The office space offers dedicated rooms for conferences, lunch or snacking, interviews, and workstations. Some office providers offer serviced office spaces. The service is to offer a hassle-free experience. A company that needs a new office for relocation saves a lot of effort for their employees by choosing a serviced office space.  

There are different types of office spaces available for rent. Most basic options include traditional offices, shared offices, and co-working spaces. People looking for a can leverage the benefit of getting serviced office spaces.        

Therefore, the kind of activity you have to carry out there would decide the type of working space that you require. Commercial space, however, is an umbrella term that encompasses all kinds of office spaces. A regular office would not allow a restricted number of entries and guests are not allowed to move freely in the premises. This is not the case with a commercial space. Since the specifications are various for a commercial space, the movement of people would be decided as per its type.   


Long story short, a commercial space would provide you with a dedicated place to carry out various business activities. Commercial space comprises different types of office spaces or stores. When comes to renting a commercial space, however, one has to be clear upon what exactly they want.  

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