QuickBooks error 179

QuickBooks Online is a real-time working software that also allows online banking to its users. But users sometimes have to face QuickBooks error 179 while executing bank tasks or accessing their transactions. In case this error stops you from accessing your bank account in QuickBooks Online, read this complete blog to discover the reasons behind it and easy methods to eliminate them from your PC.

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This error code coming up on the screen signifies that your QBDT is dealing with banking issues and cannot download the recent transactions. The reasons QB fails to access the bank site are mentioned below-

  • The bank account credentials you have entered in QuickBooks are incorrect, or you changed them recently, but they aren’t updated in the software.
  • Temporary files like cache, cookies, and other junk data can break the internet connection when accessing the bank website.
  • You might be using a damaged or unsupported bank file to download the recent transactions.

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This error will stop you from executing most banking tasks in QuickBooks. Some easy methods to get rid of this banking issue are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Check your bank account credentials and update the latest details to QuickBooks

You face issues while accessing your bank website or downloading transactions if the software tries to sign in with incorrect sign-in info. This can happen if you don’t update the user account details in QuickBooks after changing them. You must check if you have entered the correct details or reset the password if necessary. Then try entering the updated details in QBDT to ensure the software uses the correct details to access the bank website. Use the following steps-

  • Open your bank website on a web browser outside of QBDT.
  • Try signing-in to your bank account using the details you entered in QuickBooks.
  • In case you face an error while accessing your bank account, click the Reset/Forgot Password option and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Once you get hold of the correct sign-in details, follow the steps given below to update the information in your QuickBooks-

  • Click the Banking option on the right panel of your QBO menu.
  • Choose the bank account that caused this error and click the Edit icon.
  • Select the Sign-in info option and enter the updated details you acquired after resetting the password.
  • Click Update to set up a connection with your bank using the new details.

Use the next method if the error code still comes up while downloading recent transactions.

Solution 2- Download the bank file in QB-supported (.qbo) format

This error can also restrict you from performing banking tasks if you use a damaged or unsupported bank file in the software. You can download the correct bank file using these steps-

  • Sign in to your bank website using the correct account credentials.
  • Go to the Transactions page and download them in .qbo format.
  • Try running this file in your QuickBooks Online.


This blog tries to explain why banking tasks are prohibited by QuickBooks error 179 on your system. The legit methods to counter the banking issue are also discussed in the blog, and we hope you apply them to access your bank account in QBO without problems.

Speak to a QB expert at +1-855-948-3646 if you face problems while applying the methods.

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