QuickBooks error 40001

QuickBooks needs a stable network connection to run smoothly and provide accurate output. The software can malfunction or even crash when it fails to execute a task due to a lack of internet. QuickBooks error 40001 appears on the screen as soon as the connection to the internet breaks. If you also encounter this error code while performing a task, read this blog till the end to learn about its causes and effective methods to terminate the problem.

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This error code indicates network connectivity issues are interrupting QuickBooks functions. The possible reasons your system falls prey to network problems are discussed below-

  • You use a third-party web browser on your system, which is incompatible with QuickBooks and cannot perform its functions.
  • Your network connection provides a very low internet speed triggering network timeout issues with the servers or damaging the files during download.
  • Incorrect setting of date & time on your system clock can also break the internet connection.

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This error pops up while executing any task involving the internet, like payroll/software updates, sending payroll or emails, downloading transactions, etc. The correct methods to deal with the network connectivity problems on your computer are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Ensure your system’s internet speed is adequate for QBDT

A significant cause for the occurrence of this error in QuickBooks is the low internet speed of your network connection. The software might face issues if the internet connection lapses in the middle of some tasks or files get damaged during download. Like any other application, QuickBooks also has requirements to run efficiently on a computer. It requires an average internet speed of 3Mbps and minimum 1.5Mbps to run its tasks smoothly. You can check if your network connection is able to provide the speed by running an internet speed test as shown in these steps-

  • Go to Google’s homepage on your web browser and enter ‘Internet Speed test’ in the search bar.
  • Run the search by pressing Enter and click the top link that appears in the search results.
  • Start the internet test and compare the results with the QBDT requirements.

You can proceed to configure your web browser settings if the internet speed is fine. If it is low, you must consider changing your network provider or adding upgraded hardware components like modem and Cables to boost the internet speed.

Solution 2- Set the correct web browser in Windows settings

This problem can also develop due to an incompatible web browser failing to perform QBDT functions. Set up inbuilt web browsers as default in Windows settings using these steps-

  • Go to the control panel on your computer and navigate to the Apps option.
  • Hit the Default Apps option on the left menu and hover over the web browser option.
  • Choose from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge to use as the default Windows browser.
  • Save the settings and relaunch QuickBooks.


You have reached the finishing of this blog aimed to share the reasons for QuickBooks error 40001 interfering with the software’s online functions. We hope you implement the methods given in the blog to resolve the issue and run QuickBooks smoothly on your system.

If you face problems using the methods, talk to a QB expert at +1-855-948-3646 for further directions.

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