Vaping Vs Smoking – Which One Is Easier On The Environment?

We are very well aware that smoking is better than vaping in terms of human health. But we have never considered vaping and smoking which one is better for the environment. This guide will be comparing vaping and smoking to inform you which one is better for the environment.

Cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are basically cigarette ash which smokers keep flicking around. Cigarette butts are everywhere around us. This is because cigarette butts settle for 10 to 12 years before breaking down. Just imagine if you flick cigarette butt outside your car’s window on your 20th birthday and live through your entire 20s, still that cigarette butt will be lying there when you turn 30. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable and smokers around the world release thousands of them every day. Vaping is a safer option as there is no such biodegradable waste caused by vaping.


One tree is consumed to make 15 cigarette packs. So, even a light smoker will be responsible single-handedly for cutting down 6 trees a year. Also, trees are producing oxygen and smokers release tons of methane, carbon dioxide and harmful gasses. This is a two-way problem. We can avoid such kind of deforestation by switching over to vaping. Vaping does not involve cutting down trees and also least amount of harmful gasses are released.

Climate change

There’s no question that the world needs to go on a CO2 diet. Smoking itself is low-hanging fruit when it comes to keeping all of that unwanted carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere. Tobacco companies produce trillions of cigarettes every year, and in the process, distribute millions of tons of CO2 directly into our vulnerable atmosphere. All of this is contributing to excessive heat on earth leading to global warming.

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