How to Create & Optimize a Landing Page for AdWords

Are you interested in creating an AdWords landing page? A platform that is used for targeting keywords and reaching a large audience is known as Google AdWords. Now I am going to show you how to create and optimize a landing page for AdWords.

Creating an AdWords’ landing page

In WordPress, there is a tool for building a landing page known as SeedProd. This page builder does not require you to have any experience in design and coding. There are a number of stunning templates in SeedProd. You have to sign up for the account of SeedProd first. Then you need to follow a number of steps for creating an AdWords’ landing page with the help of SeedProd:

1.Go for installing and activating SeedProd – After signing up for SeedProd, you need to:

  • Go to your WordPress site and download the plugin file
  • Go for activating the plugin with the help of license key

On your desktop, there is a plugin file that you have to save by clicking on Download Landing Page Pro. Then in the WordPress dashboard follow a number of steps:

  • Go to Plugins Add new
  • Hit Upload Plugin

Your desktop may be having SeedProd plugin which you have to select manually and then:

  • Hit Install Now

After this, you have to hit Activate the plugin. Then hit Verify key on a screen for verifying the license key.  After this hit Create your first page on a new screen.

2.Go for creating your page of AdWords – Several options of creating pages will appear on your screen’s top:

  • Login page
  • Maintenance mode
  • Upcoming mode

You have to hit Add a new landing page and you can select the models on this basis. Creating the page by saving your headache, energy and time is possible with the help of prebuilt templates of SeedProd.

You can get the opportunities of direct selling with the help of the template of the landing page that is professional and sleek. For taking action you can encourage the prospects by offering discounts or coupons. The naming of the model is also necessary after you have selected it.

3.Go for designing the landing page – For editing the landing page design easily and quickly the SeedProd tool is very helpful. Within a few seconds adding new features is possible with the drag and drop builder of SeedProd. The left menu contains the editing tools which you can use for editing the elements. The text has various aspects which you can edit from the menu present on the left:

  • Line-height
  • Color
  • Font size
  • Font family

By using this menu, you can also edit the images.

Steps for optimizing AdWords’ landing page

1.Use pop-ups having exit-intent – With pop-ups having exit intent, optimizing the landing page of AdWords becomes very easy. The visitors who are interested in leaving your website will see a message in the form of a pop-up having an exit intent. For creating pop-ups, you can take the help of a tool known as OptinMonster.

2.Go for adding social proof to the website – Your website visitors will trust you if they will see your website’s social proof. TrustPulse is a tool that you can use on your site for adding social proof. In the market, a software for social proof that is the best is TrustPulse. Within minutes creating the notifications of social proof is possible with this software.

3.Monitor your marketing campaigns – In WordPress a plugin of Google Analytics that is the best is MonsterInsights. It will show you various statistics on the page:

  • Conversions
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on page

By seeing these statistics, you can come to a decision whether your site needs a change.

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By Shikha

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