Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log

Issues while running the POS function in QB can lead to the QuickBooks application log error message. This error can prevent users from running the POS features, like scanner tag filtering and creating receipt notes. The error initializing QBPOS application log message can get triggered due to many reasons, like an outdated Adobe app, and can get tackled by using the detailed solutions mentioned in this article below.

In case the given solutions seem too challenging, or you are having difficulty while performing the steps, you can reach out to our QB experts at 1.855.738.2784 to get direct assistance with the error.

What are the Main Reasons that Trigger Point of Sale Application Log Error in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks point of sale application log error can arise due to the common causes and triggers mentioned below –

  1. Your QuickBooks Desktop might be outdated, which is preventing it from running the POS features correctly, leading to application log issues.
  2. The shell folder containing the POS files might be damaged, broken, or corrupted, which is making the POS functions unsuccessful.
  3. Your QuickBooks is not correctly installed, and the installation files might be improper, damaged, or missing from the main PC.
  4. You are not running QB as an admin user for running the POS functions, which is preventing users from using the feature.

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How to Reliably Tackle QuickBooks POS License Manager Initialization Error?

If your QuickBooks point of sale has run into problem, the following effective steps can help you rectify the issue once and for all –

Solution 1 – Create a New User Account from the Control Panel to Use QBPOS with Proper Access

The QBPOSSHELL not working error can be addressed by accessing the POS feature with a new user account.

  1. From the lower pane of your PC, access the Windows Start menu, and choose the Control Panel to hit the User Accounts section.
  2. Click on Add a New User from the Manage Accounts section and hit the Add a User button, and select the Sign In without a Microsoft Account link.
  3. Select Local Account and create a username, followed by hitting Next & Finish and restating your PC to access QuickBooks.

Solution 2 – Rename the Shell Folder from the C Drive to Mend the Folder Damage

You can fix the shell folder by renaming the file and modifying its extension in the following manner –

  1. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to run the Processes tab from the Task Manager section, followed by right-clicking the QBPOS Shell folder and selecting End Process.
  2. From the C Drive, go to the Local folder and hit the Intuit tab to find the Shell Folder and add OLD at the end of the file name, followed by hitting Enter and restarting the PC.


Error initializing QBPOS application log can be removed by using the detailed steps given above. If the error message persists, there might be some internal issues that can be resolved by contacting our QB experts at 1.855.738.2784 for professional assistance.

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