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One of the most adventurous places across the U.S. is Oregon. In this place, you can explore a lot of things, such as the coast, the high desert, mountains, and so many others.

This is mainly a terrain of all types of traverses. Even if you can make a plan so that you will have a full picture of what you can do in Oregon.

Not only that, but you can enjoy a lot of scenic attractions which are spread across the state. After returning from the trip, scenic attractions would lead to memorable road trips and, of course, excursions. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 8 destinations that you should visit.

Top 8 Destinations That You Should Visit In Oregon  

After incurring a terrific pandemic in 2020, all of us are wondering about the best places to explore. That is why we have listed some exciting places in Oregon that you will be able to explore in an affordable manner. Below we are going to discuss the top 8 destinations to visit in Oregon.

1) Crater Lake National Park   

One of the most wonderful landscapes which lie in the Cascade Mountains of Southwestern Oregon is Crater Lake National Park. After thorough research, the crater is not actually what it has been seen, but instead of that it is an ancient caldera. The name of this caldera is Mount Mazama which erupted 7,000 years ago.

If you can visit Southern Oregon, then you can explore a lot of outside places near the national park. You can even explore one of the best national parks in Oregon, which is known as the “Oregon Caves National Monument.”

Despite that, Crater Lake is surrounded by a lot of wild places along with Umpqua National Forest, Rogue River, Siskiyou National Forest, and so many others.

2) Cannon Beach   

One of the most popular tourist destinations on the Northern part of Oregon Coast is Cannon Beach. You can enjoy a wild stretch of sand along with amazing views. On the other hand, one of the largest sea stacks that you can enjoy here is Haystack Rock.

Once you are done exploring Cannon Beach, then you will definitely feel wondrous because of the existence of cultural appeal, boutique shops, great hotels, and so many others. Not only that but the combination of a rich cultural community and a large distance of ocean owns Cannon Beach one of the best reputations.

3) Washington Park, Portland   

If you love to explore gardens and Parks, then you can visit Washington Park in Portland. The International Rose Test Garden has been famed for park gardens and who.

Actually, this place is located near the impressive Japanese Portland Garden. Here you will be able to see the horticultural expertise and some favorite green thumbs.

4) Mount Hood National Forest   

It is about the highest mountain in Oregon which is the Mount Hood National Forest, along with a peak of 11,239 feet height. If you can see the mountain from a far distance, then you can enjoy the natural view of the Mount Hood National Forest, which encompasses the entire mountain.

Despite that, you can enjoy the mountain slopes, picturesque hiking paths, and scenic viewpoints through the Mount Hood Scenic View. You can also experience the nation-spanning Pacific Crest Trail, which crosses the Southwest border.

5) Bend   

Have you ever visited Bend? If yes, then you would have definitely seen the edges, which have mixed up with a lot of national forests, dry plains, and so many others.

Not only that, but if you want to see the entire display, which has been surrounded by arid regions, then you have to explore the high desert Museum.

Here are some exciting things that you can do in Bend, such as rafting on the Deschutes River, exploring the volcanic landscapes, and so on. You can even enjoy skiing near the large Mount Bachelor Ski area. 

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6) Astoria   

If you want to visit the northwest region of Oregon, then you can explore the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River, and a lot more. Even almost every movie fan has considered Astoria as the background of the classic movies of the 80s.

Here you can enjoy a lot of top attractions, including scenic riverfront, Astoria Column, and so many others.

7) Hood River   

The Scenic City, which is located in the heart of Hood River, is an astonishing place. This is actually a great place where you can enjoy sightseeing, outdoor sports and also kite-boarding.

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8) Smith Rock State Park   

One of the best international climbing destinations across the world is Smith Rock State Park. In this case, you can explore multiple routes, which means more than 1,000 sports routes have been laid through the stunning river.

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In Conclusion  

We have discussed the top destination places in Oregon above in this article. If you want to experience the best-spellbound vacation places, then you can explore Oregon.

No matter if it is about waterfalls, rivers, mountains or hiking trails, and so many others. Moreover, if you require such places where you can relax, then visiting Oregon is one of the best choices.

Thank you for visiting till the end.

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