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A Comprehensive Guide to Mutual fund return calculator: 

An investor can use a mutual fund calculator as a useful tool to determine the returns generated by investing in mutual funds.  You may determine the projected returns on your investment in mutual funds with the mutual fund return calculator. What kind of returns can be anticipated are the most crucial consideration when discussing investing. Over a lengthy period of time, returns might have a very diverse nature. As a result, it would be challenging to calculate the final corpus at various predicted rates of return. This particular need is met by the Mutual Funds Returns Calculator.

Therefore, while you focus on your financial strategy, mutual fund return calculator will show you how much your wealth will be in the future, incorporating into account a variety of factors such as the type of investment, such as a SIP or lump sum, as well as the duration of the investment and the expected rate of return.

The mutual fund return calculator compute your results with the following formula:

FV = P [(1+i) ^n-1] * (1+i)/iFV, where

  • P = the Amount of investment through SIP
  • i = the Compound rate of return
  • n = monthly tenure of Investment 
  • r = Projected rate of return

Take Control of Your Investments with Mutual Fund Return Calculator: 

Although investments in mutual funds are exposed to market risks, returns can be roughly predicted by the use of mutual fund return calculator. So you can Take Control of Your Investments with Mutual Fund Return Calculator. To calculate the predicted return amount, use the free mutual fund return calculator offered by many websites in India. A potential investor may find it challenging to keep all of these things in mind, which is why the mutual fund return calculator may be so beneficial for them.

  • For various investment periods like 1, 3 and 5 years, the complete estimation will be given to you by the mutual fund return calculator.
  • Mutual fund return calculator allows you to arrange your finances for the future using the anticipated returns. 
  • Mutual fund return calculator can be used by anyone; no technical knowledge is required. 
  • Based on your inputs, the mutual fund return calculator always returns rapid and accurate results.
  • The mutual fund return calculator is quite simple to use, additionally, it is cost-free.
  • The mutual fund return calculator can assist you in estimating how much savings you’ll need to make in order to accomplish your investing goal efficiently.
  • Some mutual fund return calculator also Adjust your figures for Inflation. All you have to do is click a button on mutual fund return calculator to get the results adjusted for inflation for your investment objectives.

HDFC Dividend Yield Fund: 

A Thematic-Dividend Yield mutual fund product from HDFC Mutual Fund is HDFC Dividend Yield Fund. The 1-year returns for HDFC Dividend Yield Fund were 8.25 percent. The HDFC Dividend Yield Fund has generated returns that are on average 21.99% every year since start. As of April 21, 2023, HDFC Dividend Yield Fund’s AUM, or assets under management, was 2,993.72Cr and expense ratio was 0.71%.

The HDFC Dividend Yield Fund scheme primarily invests in a well-diversified portfolio of equities and equity-related securities of dividend-paying corporations. HDFC Dividend Yield Fund do so in order to offer capital appreciation and/or dividend distribution to the investors. The financial, power, technologies, consumer essentials, and health care industries are where the HDFC Dividend Yield Fund holds the majority of its investments. In comparison to other funds in the category, the HDFC Dividend Yield Fund has invested less in the financial and energy sectors.

The HDFC Dividend Yield Fund invests 97.3% of its assets in domestic equities, with 61.62% of that amount invested in large-cap stocks, 13.52% in mid-cap stocks, and 11.01% in small-cap stocks. The HDFC Dividend Yield Fund is appropriate for investors with an in-depth understanding of macro trends and who favor placing selected bets for higher returns compared to other equity funds. 

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