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Manchester is one of the favorite destinations for overseas students today. Three universities in Manchester provide world-class education to both international and domestic students. These universities are Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Manchester, and the Royal Northern College of Music. Moreover, there are many colleges in this city where you can find education in different streams.

If you are enrolled in any of the institutes in Manchester, your next step will be student accommodation. If you are searching for student accommodation in Manchester, then Mansion Point can be the right housing property for you. In this property, you find three choices for student accommodation: ensuite rooms, studios, and apartments.  

Besides, you can find various facilities as per your requirements and preferences here. So, this property meant for student accommodation Manchester provides you an enjoyable stay.

In this article, you will read about some major aspects of Mansion Point

Ensuite Rooms

You get four types of ensuite rooms in Mansion Point. These four types are Premium Loft Ensuite, Classic Loft Ensuite, Deluxe Ensuite, and Standard Loft Ensuite.

Ensuite rooms comprise queen-size beds. Besides, you find study tables and chairs inside to study with concentration.

Moreover, here, you find a lot of storage space. You find under-bed storage and shelving units where you can keep various assets. Every ensuite room also has a wardrobe so clothes can be arranged systematically.

Furthermore, you also get a soft leather seating arrangement which provides you with comfortable sitting. You also get a television here. A fully-equipped kitchen is also here.


Studios are also available in Mansion Point with wide variety. There are five types of studios available: Classic Studio, Premium Studio, Deluxe Studio, Luxury Studio, and Prestige Studio.

A fully-equipped kitchen is also here with a cooking hob, microwave, and fridge. Moreover, studios comprise a queen-size bed. Facilities you get in the ensuite rooms can be found in studios also.


For those, who like to stay in an apartment, a 1 Bed Apartment is available in Mansion Point. The apartments have a queen-size bed and all other facilities which are also available in ensuite rooms and studios.

Amenities in Mansion Point’s Student Accommodation Manchester

An extensive range of amenities are available in the property of Mansion Point. Here are some of them.

1. Wi-Fi Internet

Everyone knows that the internet is required in every walk of life in the present times. Whether you are required to purchase some products; communicate with others via voice calling, video calling, and real-time apps; attend online lectures; or accomplish assignments and projects, you get an easy way through the internet.

So, a Wi-Fi internet connection is provided to academics at Mansion Point. Therefore, you can connect the internet to your tablets, laptops, and smartphones easily. This facility is inclusive of bills.

2. Study Room

Study features are required most by students since they have come to Manchester to acquire university education. So, you get an arrangement for disturbance-free studies in this property.

In Mansion Point, students find a study room where they can do a disturbance-free study. This room is perfect for the preparation of the exams.

3. Cinema

There is also an on-site Cinema on the property, which is a wonderful source of entertainment for the students. So, in their spare time, students can get entertainment by watching films in the cinema.

4. Pool Table

There is more fun for students in this property. Here, there is a pool table. The residents can play friendly matches of pool here in their leisure time.

5. Bicycle Storage Space

Students can keep their own bicycles safely in the bicycle storage space of this property.

6. Heating Service

The United Kingdom is a cold country; so, heating is needed here, especially in the winter season. Therefore, heating service has been provided to residents here. This service is also inclusive of bills.

7. Security Features

Security is the most necessary thing for everyone without any second thought. In Mansion Point also, some brilliant security features are available.  

CCTV cameras are installed at the significant areas of this property for monitoring the activities. So, suspicious activities and persons can be detected easily. On the other hand, a secure door entry is also available for students to keep their belongings safe.

In addition to the above-mentioned ones, contents insurance can also be purchased here. Therefore, the loss of any assets of the students can be compensated.


A residence can be booked in Mansion Point easily with the help of the websites of online housing service platforms. These platforms provide complete lists of accommodation properties in different cities including Manchester. You also find a special comparison feature through which you can compare multiple properties for students available in Manchester on a single webpage.

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