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Many people believe getting a visitor visa (subclass 600) is easy. Somehow, it’s right, but not everyone is lucky to get a visitor visa. There are a few points and factors that can lead to visa denial.

Nevertheless, here are some secret tips for successful visitor subclass 600 visa applications for Australia. In this article, a person will know the detailed information regarding visitor visas, so let’s go through them one by one!

The visitor subclass 600 visa allows people to travel, see family & friends and visit for any purpose other than medical treatment and business in Australia.

The Immigration Department receives many visa applications daily. While many get accepted, some get a rejection because of ineligibility, misunderstanding, silly mistakes, fraud, etc.

Most people in India contact visa immigration consultants in Chandigarh i.e. Asia Pacific Group due to the high visa approval rate and to avoid the risk of visa cancellation. The Department of Home Affairs suggests that taking assistance from MARA agents or visa immigration consultants can increase the chances of visa approval, but it is not mandatory. Suppose a person knows the whole visa process; in that case, they can apply for a visa on their own, which might get accepted. It requires the correct information and document. If the applicant does not provide full documents or is unable to complete the application, it may lead to visa refusal by the Immigration Department.

Tips – How to Prepare for Successful Visitor Visa Application?

Here are some essential tips to know for successful visitor visa application approval given below.

Be Aware of Visa Application Fees

A person must know the visa fees before applying. The visa immigration consultants advise or guide a person regarding visa application fees, and a person can discuss the process with them. If one applies independently, he/she must be fully aware of all costs.

Be Aware of Required Documents and Check Eligibility Criteria

A person must provide complete documents and meet the eligibility criteria to increase the chances of visa approval for visitor subclass 600 visa application.

Re-check the Documents Before Submission

A person must arrange and re-check all their required documents before submission; by that, they will not be in a rush to gather documents at the last minute. Even the immigration consultants advise arranging and re-checking the documents before the timeframe.

Be Aware of Visa Conditions After Visa Approval

One of the important things to check after visa approval is the visa condition, like the visa’s expiry date. For example, suppose a person’s visa expires and they are overstaying in the country; in that case, it negatively affects their profile. They might face the consequences, such as being banned from entering Australia again, barred from applying for another visa, etc.

Take Advice or Assistance from Visa Immigration Consultants

The immigration consultant knows the process of visa applications and deals with many cases. A consultant advises or assists better than anyone else. They ensure that a person’s profile is 100% complete to process and provide updated information regarding their visa application. One of the best migration agencies we know is Asia Pacific Group; they have been helping people migrate to Australia since 2009 and are considered one of Australia’s top and most trusted migration agencies. Feel free to contact them.

Overview of Visitor Visa

People around the world apply for visitor visas (subclass 600 visas) to Australia. Check below the overview of subclass 600 visa.

  • A person can apply onshore or offshore in Australia.
  • A person can stay for up to three months in Australia
  • The visitor visa is costly to apply for.
  • The application form for a visitor visa is lengthy.
  • A person needs to provide additional documents while filling out the application form.
  • A visitor visa can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to process the application.

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