Safest Places in the World to Live

Picking the right place to live may be pretty challenging for anyone. There are so, many factors are needed to consider like schooling, political stability, affordability, climate, and weather condition throughout the year of that particular country. 

When it comes to migrating to the other country, safety comes first, and before moving to your native must check out the safest place in the world to live.

To make you informed about the safest places in the world, we have scoured a list of countries to choose from.  

Safest Place in The World

There are so many factors that determine whether the country is safe or not. Like, number of deaths, terrorist activity, social security, internal conflicts, and many more. Considering all the factors GPI (Global Peace Index) measures the peacefulness of the countries and claims the safest country to live in the world. Here are some of picked safest destinations in the globe where you can move from.


Iceland is a small country with the lowest population in Europe that consists of mountain peaks, glaciers, and waterfalls along with volcanoes and Black sand beaches. According to GPI, it is the third happiest country in the world and grabs the first position among the safest countries in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the second safest country to live in the world according to GPI. With a low population, less crime rate, and political stability it is the most desirable place among migrants. Being an island, it is also safe from external threats. Besides, this New Zealand is an earthquake-prone area.


GPI ranked Ireland the third safest country in the world.  The lively pubs with healthy foods and the friendly locals make it a great destination to live without fear. It has a very low rate of homicide offenses due to strict gun laws and a well-funded police force.


The small country Denmark has a very low population and law and order can be easily maintained firmly. It is ranked the fourth safest and most peaceful country to live in the world. It has a very strong economy and welfare system.


Grabbing the fifth position in the safest countries index in the world Austria has a very diverse culture and a brilliant history. With a strong economy and a very low crime rate, Austria has the very least or non-existent crime rate compared with other countries. Besides this, it has very minimal assaults, kidnappings and robbery occurs rarely which makes it the ideal European country to love in the world.


The most beautiful and picturesque place Portugal is among the top ten safest places in the world according to GPI. Strict law and order protect public property and minimize government corruption. The country witnesses the history of a peaceful relationship with its neighbors and never participated actively in any war.

Apart from these countries, Singapore, the Czech Republic, and Japan is among the top ten safest countries in the world that you can opt for migrating from your native place.

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