How to Change the Name of Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets?

Southwest Airlines is a leading American Airline company popular for its efficient service. Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy is a pretty straightforward Name Change Policy for those who need to modify their name or if they need to change their contact information.

Rules to Consider While Requesting Name Correction on Southwest Airlines Ticket

Timing:- Changes in your name are not included after flight departure. It must be made before the scheduled flight departure time. 

Fees:- Fees will be charged to change a passenger name on a Flight Ticket based on your fare and ticket type. Southwest customer service will let you know the fee amount you need to pay. 

Document Verification:- Identity proof which is issued by the government is necessary to verify your name. It may include a passport or your driving license.  

Booking Channel:- If you have booked through Southwest, you can request your name change by making a call to Southwest Customer Service or by visiting their official website. 

If you have booked through any third party, you need to contact your travelling agent directly. 

Legal Name Change Condition:- Marriage or divorce will be considered as a legal name change to your Flight Ticket name, the document requires a marriage or divorce certificate. 

Steps to Change Your Name on the Southwest Airlines Ticket

You Can Request Name Change Via Multiple Channels: –

Contact Southwest Airlines:-

  • Make a call at +1 (855) 583-7475 & +1-800-435-9792
  • Provide your all necessary details to a representative, details may include your name, reference number and flight dates. 
  • Tell your problem to a representative and provide the correct spelling of your name, and they’ll help you in making modifications. 
  • After making changes to your Flight Ticket, pay the required fees.   

Via Online

It is an easy and hassle-free method to change your name. Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Please visit the official website
  • Tap on the manage booking button and proceed. 
  • Enter the 6-digit code with your last name. 
  • Select the retrieve booking option. 
  • click on the next page and select the change name option to modify your name for your booking. 
  • Enter the correct name and pay the name change fees along with the additional charges if required. 
  • Once changes are done you will receive a confirmation notification, you have to select your seats again. 

At The Airport

  • Arrive early so that you may have enough time for making changes. 
  • Search for Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter. 
  • Talk to Southwest Customer Service
  • Provide your identification for proof and for modifying your name.
  • Pay the necessary fees. 
  • You’ll receive your boarding pass. 

Via Email

  • Compose an email to the Southwest Customer Service team. 
  • Provide your information which includes your current name on your Flight Ticket, your new name and your Rapid Rewards account number. 
  • Attach a document for your identity proof. 
  • Send an email to
  • Wait for their response. 

Via Social Media

Southwest Airlines are highly active on social media platforms so you can post a comment on their official web pages. 

For Twitter:- 

For Facebook:- 

For Instagram:-

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