• www redirection
  • SSL enabled
  • All pages and posts’ URL structure
  • Include Keyword In Your URL
  • Site Speed check
  • Check site is mobile friendly
  • fix broken page URL
  • Fix duplicate content Issues
  • Set up a google search console
  • Set up Bing Webmaster tool
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Install an SEO Plugin
  • create and submit a sitemap
  • dynamic auto meta creation enabled
  • create a robots.txt file
  • Create Categories for post
  • write meta for all Categories
  • Identify Your Core Keyword and Your Secondary Keywords
  • Craft Title Tag
  • Write a compelling meta description
  • Link to relevant pages or posts to create Menu Structure
  • Optimize your images
  • Image Alt Tag Add
  • Add the primary keyword to the image title
  • *Add the primary keyword to the image file name
  • Add Schema markup
  • Add Open graph
  • Add internal links

Content Optimization

  • Dummy content check
  • Duplicate content check
  • Content relevancy check
  • keywords use in content
  • Heading H1 and H2 creation
  • keywords in Heading
  • H1 must unique and single per page
  • Internal linking
  • relevant content in the footer
  • Thin content check – Write more than 300 words of body content
  • Sharing button on every page
  • Add social sharing links
  • Contact us for page creation
  • Privacy policy page creation
  • Terms and conditions page creation
  • External site link – Nofollow
  • Site Backup – 15 days

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