Modern Kitchen Layouts: Reviewing the Design of an L-shaped Modular Kitchen

Modern living standards have opted for the idea of minimalistic living. The reason behind the idea is the lack of free land available to construct spacious high-rise apartments or residential houses. Land developers are forced to build less spacious residential apartments to accommodate as many families as possible. As a result, interior decorations and modern home designs are curated according to the limited space available. For example, the traditional straight-shaped kitchen design has been refurbished and resurfaced as an I shaped modular kitchen to cater to the needs of families living in less spacious homes. The prime focus of writing this article is to review the minimalistic design thoroughly for future reference.


Even though the design is a traditional one, it is a perfect match for kitchens with less floor space. The design promotes a minimalistic approach to kitchen design that is favored by millions of families living in tier-one and tier-two cities. The I-shaped modular kitchen design has one countertop set on either of the opposite-facing walls leaving more space open for unrestricted movement and installing large appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers in front of the opposite wall of the kitchen top. It helps in movement during the cooking process, thus minimizing the elapsed time.


The storage space in the I-shaped modular kitchen design displays the minimalistic approach as well as the offering of adequate storage capacity perfectly. The countertop has storage cabinets on the belly of the kitchen top and extra storage space can be created on both opposite-facing walls with the help of overhead storage cabinets. This ensures that every necessary kitchen item can be stored exactly to the consumer’s needs and preferences. Frequently needed utensils, electronic appliances, spices, cereals, etc can be stored underneath the kitchen top for easy access and seldom-used kitchen equipment can be put away for storage in the overhead storage cabinets to avoid confusion. 


The floor space used in the design of an I-shaped modular kitchen is noticeably low. It uses one side of the kitchen space for setting up the countertop leaving the majority of the kitchen floor available for other functions. The consumer can have more leg space for unrestricted movement inside the kitchen area. Fresh veggies, cereal containers, and large appliances can be freely set on the available floor space without the chance of getting congested. Kids can move around in the kitchen with zero chance of getting hurt unintentionally. 

Summing Up

Modern societal changes have forced middle-class people to live in less spacious apartments and they have to adjust their way of living accordingly. Modular kitchen designs are altered to suffice the need of the customers as well as offer them more leg space to operate freely in the kitchen. For an average-sized residential apartment, having an I-shaped kitchen design helps in utilizing the free space in their apartments intelligently. For smaller apartments, the choices in kitchen designs are limited and people are left with one or two choices to choose from. That is why, modular kitchen designers make sure that they are able to provide as many features to the customers and earn customer satisfaction in the process.