Looking into the Training that Forges the Elite Armed Security Guards

A developing country has to handle security issues efficiently. A safe and secure country attracts multinational companies and business enterprises to invest in developing financial conditions and profiting in the process. Many private security contractors have started operating as private security guard companies in many countries. They offer a broad security infrastructure that covers different aspects of relevant security measures. These companies initiate the recruitment process via advertisements in local newspapers, billboards, and other public outreach mediums. The selection process is detailed and any candidate has to pass all the given criteria to be selected for the private security guard training. This blog is going to analyze the training module used in the training process of private armed security guards.

  • Basic Training

Basic training involves the awareness of the rules and responsibilities of a private security guard. They undergo routine classes on the rules applied in the private security sector by the government and other private organizations. The security guards are taught about the huge area of responsibility and how to approach each problem and crisis. Instructors explain the tactics involved during specific situations in a simple manner that is understandable by all the recruits. They are kept under close supervision to check their mental health during the entire process and any sign of mental weakness is addressed accordingly. They undergo examinations and passing is mandatory for each applicant.

  • Weapons Training

For armed security guards, weapons training is a mandatory training program. The recruits are subjected to weapons training and real-life crisis scenarios to turn them into combat-ready security professionals. They undergo small-arms training along with long-range weapons as well as maintenance of those firearms. The recruits train in dealing with real-life situations designed by their instructors. This helps them in understanding how private security officers handle real-time situations. The training regime is curated by private security experts who design the program by taking inputs from real-life experiences. The objective of the weapons and tactics training is to turn amateurs into combat-ready professionals who can work under immense stress.

  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Training

Close combat training is an important asset for armed security guards. They might have to counter situations where they are unarmed and lives are at stake. This particular training program negates those situations by training the recruits in different forms of martial arts such as Krav Maga, Jui Jutsu, etc. This martial arts training helps them in disarming armed assailants while being unarmed themselves and apprehending them in the process. Private security companies focus their time and resources on designing industry-standard training programs for the recruits to turn them into competent security professionals.

  • Devices Training

The armed security guards need to be technologically well-equipped to handle modern-day security fiascos. Private security companies hire technical instructors to train recruits in newer technologies and gadgets. From bodycams, walkie-talkies to stun guns and stun grenades, they are taught to use and disarm every piece of new technology and gadgets of this modern era. They are subjected to different drills to understand the use of these gadgets and technologies so that they can effectively use these items to gain the upper hand in real-life situations. A well-equipped private security guard sends a clear message of maintaining peace and security under any circumstances.


The above-mentioned points are the types of training programs involved in training armed security guards for private security guard companies. These companies focus their energy on building an extensive security network that can be infused with each other at will and provide flawless security arrangements for the clients. Multinational companies and business entities hire their services depending on their security offerings and official reputation. That is why, private security companies work tirelessly to create a healthy reputation and treat every threat with the same level of approach and design a well-organized plan to diffuse all upcoming security problems. 

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