1. Introduction:


Do you want to improve your students’ grammar and punctuation skills in the classroom? Grammar instruction does not have to be tedious or time-consuming. Continue reading to learn how to enhance your grammar and punctuation abilities with these creative English grammar teaching ideas.


The Best CBSE School in Jalgaon focuses on English teaching grammar. The instructor may face a variety of issues in the classroom, depending on the level of the students and the degree of difficulty of the topics.


While we might blame technology for the decline in good grammar usage in everyday writing and communication, we can equally argue that most of the wrong grammar usage stems from how we perceive, acquire, and teach key grammar ideas.


  1. Explain to Your Kids Why Grammar is Important.


Many students are unmotivated to learn grammar as the English language evolves and there is a lack of correct grammar in spoken English. To ensure success, you should break down this barrier and demonstrate to your students the importance of grammar. Make a large mind map on the board and allow students to contribute statements about why grammar is important. This is a great interactive technique to get students interested in grammar and involved.


  1. The Importance of Using a Creative Grammar Approach


Teaching how to improve grammar and punctuation is a topic that none of us can avoid in the curriculum of Best School in Indore. Grammar knowledge can assist youngsters to improve their language understanding, reading, writing, and narrative skills. With this in mind, finding fresh ways to pique your children’s interest in grammar might help them improve their literacy skills.


  1. Different Ways to Improve Your Grammar and Punctuation Skills


As a result, varying your teaching approaches can benefit youngsters in a variety of ways. But how can we persuade them to take pleasure in it? Look at the following suggestions for some creative tricks.

4.1. Grammar Games Can Be Used to Create Healthy Competitiveness:


There are other advantages to using games to teach grammar, in addition to the competitive aspect. For example, some youngsters think that demonstrating their knowledge through games is easier and less stressful than completing a worksheet.


4.2. Read:


Reading is one of the most efficient ways to improve your grammar abilities. Always read more and more to gain or refine your grammar skills.


4.3. Get a Grammar Book:


It’s useful to have a detailed reference book accessible when you’re writing. In this manner, if you have a grammar question, you can quickly check the manual for an answer. There are a lot of good grammar and writing reference books out there. 


4.4.  Practice:


There are several good online and print tools available to help you improve your grammar skills. A quick Internet search would reveal a plethora of websites that offer grammatical games and activities. If you know this is an area where you struggle, set aside a few minutes each day to perform grammatical activities. Even taking a few English practice tests at different levels will help you improve your grammar abilities.


4.5. Authentic Writing Can Be Used to Teach Grammar:


Connect grammar education to pupils’ writing to help it stick. As students approach the editing stage of their writing work, introduce new topics. They can then apply the lessons in a real-world setting. Teach and practice how to punctuate the conversation, for example, if pupils are writing narratives. Then, in their writing, have students accurately punctuate the conversation.


4.6. Listen to What Others are Talking About:


Listen to suggestions from professors, writing lab personnel, or writing tutors. Check out if you have a recurring issue with a particular subject.


4.7. Error-Finding Should be Encouraged and Rewarded:


Make a list of any grammar mistakes your learners find. It could be incorrect grammar on a store sign, in a published book, in a business advertisement, or anywhere else. You could even make this a part of their usual schoolwork. Give your children a point, a piece of candy, or merely public applause as a reward.


4.8. Make a Point of Coordinating Sentences:


Exercises in sentence combining contribute to better writing. Students gain knowledge of phrases, clauses, conjunctions, and linking punctuation as they practice sentence combining. Their sentences become more fluid and intelligent at the same time.




To properly teach grammar in the Best CBSE School in Jalgaon, instruction must take place across all content areas. Effective grammar instruction is a component of subject literacy for which all teachers can be held accountable. Allowing time for pupils to practice content-specific abilities is something that all teachers can do.


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