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For many people across the country a car is one of the most important investments of their life just like buying a house. So while transporting the car by open auto transport from one place to another, it is very important to ensure that the transit is safe. Some people move the car to a different city, some across the country and some to a different country altogether. The more the distance that needs to be covered, the costlier it gets whether it is on land, water or air. An auto shipping carrier is a good option if you are looking at some savings.

What is open car shipping carrier?

As the very name of it suggests open carrier car shipping is a type of trailer that does not have any exterior walls on the vehicle. The vehicle stays exposed throughout the transit process. However the vehicle is secured to the truck using some industry specific harnesses. The lop side of it is that your car is exposed to the various weather conditions, dust and filth. However, with some careful considerations and proper planning you can overcome this minor hurdle and save a huge amount of money.

Why should you consider an open carrier for car transport?

Automotive transport services are the most common types of shipping used by automotive companies and individuals apart. There is a good reason for this. A good and reputed open carrier car shipping company are efficient enough to carry multiple vehicles at the same time. This helps them to save time and fuel and keeping the transport costs low. An open carrier can fit in any type of car regardless of their size, shape or model. Also, if you are on a shoe string budget and a tight schedule then you should consider an open carrier for car transport.

Is the open transport carrier safe?

This is perhaps the biggest concern for the customer while considering open transport carrier. Usually it is safe and there can be no mishaps. Some points to note are:

  1. In open carrier car shipping, the driver of the vehicle often inspects the cars on board frequently. They ensure that the car is safely mounted and there are no loose ends in the nuts and bolts that are securing them.

  2. The vehicle is secured on the trailer using sturdy chains, and advanced locking mechanisms.  So the entire process of open auto transport is designed for anti-theft and safe deliveries.
  3. To give you your peace of mind many transport companies offer extensive insurance coverage plans within the package. So if something happens to the vehicle, the costs of repair or replacement will be covered.

The advantages of shipping cars using an open carrier

One of the biggest advantages of open auto transportshipping providers is that they can accommodate more cars and that is why the costs are significantly lower. If you have more than one vehicle to be shipped this is an ideal option for you. For cost effectiveness, the open transport carriers are better for hauling cars.

  1. The open transport carriers face fierce competition in the industry because it is extremely competitive out there. Due to this many carriers provide the best value for price and also give great discounts.
  2. This is the best option to operate on show string budgets and you can make the most out of the investment without any strings attached.

What are the specifications one should be aware of?

There are three significant and main aspects of the open auto transportcompanies. These three put together give a lot of peace of mind for the customer.

  1. Door delivery and pick up: This may sound very normal and even a pizza delivery boy can do it. However, when it comes to a car it has to be handled with care from the word go. The open carrier car shippingdriver ensures that the car is delivered at the best location possible and in an unrestricted way. They are experts in loading and unloading the car safely.

  2. Ease of communication: Most transport drivers maintain a two way communication with their customers. The open carrier transport driver gives frequent updates via messaging or calling the owner. They also send GPS tracking updates. Also in most cases they contact the owner 24 hours before the delivery.

  3. Inspecting the vehicle: A thorough inspection is done before the vehicle is delivered to the customer. This is done at the time of pick up and drops off. The customer will need to sign off the inspection report.


Given all these considerations, choose the right company and the best option based on your requirements.

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  1. One of the biggest advantages of open auto transport shipping providers is that they can accommodate more cars and that is why the costs are significantly lower.

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