Aadhaar card inforformation for nri

Bal Aadhaar/Aadhaar for Minors

In the case of minor applicants who must be below the age of 5, the process is listed below:

The parents’ biometric details will be captured at the time of enrolment. When the child turns 15 years, he/she will have to visit a center to update his/her biometric data.

Parent’s Aadhaar must provide when submitting the application form and documents at the Enrolment Centre.

How to Download or Print Aadhaar Card

In an effort to make Aadhaar more accessible, the UIDAI has made arrangements for the electronic storage and retrieval of Aadhaar details. Known as the e-Aadhaar,

this card is available in a PDF format and can be downloaded from the UIDAI website.

The e-Aadhaar can be accessed through the official UIDAI website by using any of the following:

With Aadhaar number.
With Virtual ID (VID).
With Enrolment ID (EID)

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