QuickBooks error 165

The QuickBooks error 165 comes up while running the verify and rebuild tool on the QuickBooks desktop. This error indicates a fault in the QuickBooks installation file, which could be the primary reason for the error to pop up. It can also occur due to some other reasons, which we will discuss later in this blog. We understand that this error might cause an interruption in the workflow of the users, so it is essential to fix it on time. You can go through the entire blog and perform these fixes on your pc to remove the error code successfully.

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What causes can trigger the QuickBooks error 165?

  1. A damaged company file could be one of the reasons for the error to come up.
  2. Any flaw in the QuickBooks installation or if the installation file goes missing can also trigger this error on your system.
  3. A pending QuickBooks update could also instigate this error on your system.

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Learn some fixes if you are getting QuickBooks error 165

You can read these solutions and implement them on your screen if you are getting QuickBooks error 165.

Solution 1: Scan using Quick fix my file in the tool hub  

  • Download the tool hub and begin installing it.
  • Once you complete all the directions and finish installing the tool hub.
  • Open the tool hub and head to the company file issues section.
  • Choose Quick Fix My File now.
  • As the scan ends, tap on ok and relaunch your QuickBooks.

Solution 2: Repair the installation using the diagnostic tool

  • As you access your tool hub, click on the installation issues section.
  • Tap on QB to install the diagnostic tool now, which can take some time.
  • Launch QB and access the company file now.

Solution 3: Attempt to use file doctor in the tool hub

  • Now that you already have the tool hub on your pc.
  • Access it and click on company file issues.
  • Tap on run QB file doctor.
  • Select your company data file, or browse it if you cannot find it.
  • Click on Check your file and hit the continue button.
  • Enter the QB admin details and hit the next button to start the scan.
  • The file doctor will repair the error 165 QuickBooks.

You can also initiate a clean installation of QuickBooks by uninstalling it and installing it again if the error still arises on your pc.


This blog not only focuses on the fixes but briefs the users about the causes of the error too. With the help of the fixes above, it will be convenient for you to fix the QuickBooks error 165. Talk to our experts by calling them on +1-855-948-3646 directly for any queries. With expertise in QB, they can answer all your questions and clarify your doubts.

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