Purple With Revlon Color Creme

It is easy to color your hair and boost its appeal with the right hair color. Choosing Nutri colour crème to shade your hair is a good idea as it helps to retain colour for longer and makes you appear stylish.

Steps to dye your hair purple using Nutri colour creme

It is important to select the right shade of purple to go with your personality. Choosing the Illumina colour helps to boost your style quotient and confidence. The choice of poor quality products or shades can wreak havoc on your overall appearance.

  • It is recommended to start your DIY home colour project by sectioning off the area that you wish to use colour onto.
  • Wash and then use a towel to dry your hair. Avoid blow dry.
  • Choose the desired colour or highlights (like Blondeer).
  • Put the gloves and apply colour carefully on the selected sections. Leave for 15 minutes or as mentioned on the package.

What to do if the colour is faint or not as per my desire?

We recommend pretreatment for your hair using bleach or an appropriate solution to ensure that the product stays on for a long time. Similarly, wash your hair off chemicals and dirt to attain a better hair colour and texture. It is also important to apply the colour as directed by the manufacturer. You can choose to leave the selected hair colour on for a maximum of 40 minutes. If the shade is still faint, you can reapply the color after taking due precautions and attention to detail. Avoid using bleach for a second time. After reapplication, the same will appear stylish.

Can I use Majirel hair treatment at home?

Loreal Professional produced iconic hair colours and products. One such awesome selection of hair colours is the Majirel.This color system offers a rich and permanent hair color that perfectly covers greying hairs. At the same time, the product offers due care for your hair fibre.

The effect is quite vibrant and dynamic. You can easily choose from the wide colour palettes, rich tones, and shades.To apply the same at home, use plastic or latex gloves to apply the same evenly on the hair base. You can also choose a hairbrush to attain similar results. This method gives you perfect coverage and shine.If you are a newbie and applying the same for the first time, then cover the mid-length strands using the same. End this about an inch above your scalp.

How long does this colour last?

Both Revlon and Loreal hair colours come from reputable brands that make them a worthwhile investment. These are also permanent hair colour lines that ensure that your selected hue stays intact until you re-dye it or after a few months. Applying these shades at home is easy, yet you still need to schedule a visit to your hairdresser after 4-8 weeks for a touch-up.

You must never mix and match colours or create a new hue by mixing two shades. Similarly, avoid mixing the same shade from two different brands as it can lead to chemical reactions and ruin hair.

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