<strong>How to Do Organic Website Promotion for Businesses </strong>

Organic website promotion for businesses is quite a critical matter in recent times. If we do not promote the site we may find ourselves far behind, with a low ranking and little traffic. On the other hand, when we invest in the promotion of the site, and in the process make mistakes that will harm the effectiveness of the promotion in some cases, or real damage in other cases. So let’s review some mistakes to avoid.

Understanding the intent behind the search

Those who engage in organic website promotion always check the Google searches and do analyzes of the common searches in order to decide which phrases they would like to promote. But the mistake that many make is that they do not understand the intention behind the search. Thus, they may create content that includes the keywords, but does not provide the surfer with the information that really interests him. I will explain with an example – someone who searches for the phrase “car” is probably looking for information about cars, on the other hand, someone who searches for “car mechanic” or “car garage” is interested in car service. When writing content for the website, one should try to understand what the intention of the person who might run the search is, what information they need.

Focusing solely on textual content

Another mistake that some make in organic website promotion for businesses is focusing exclusively on creating textual content with “dry” keywords. It is a mistake to neglect the videos, they are first of all an effective means in themselves, but they also appear in the Google search results. Currently there is less competition in the videos and podcasts and it is definitely worth using them in order to attract traffic to the website. A normal textual blog is not enough today.

Conduct without goals

There are websites that are interested in organic website promotion for businesses, but they don’t take the time to ask themselves what their SEO goals are. This is not a marginal matter. The website owners must think about what their goals are and develop the SEO strategy that will allow them to achieve those goals. Scattered behavior is essentially a shot in all directions which will cause you to waste a lot of resources and achieve few results.

Focus on people, not search engines

For many, the main conduct in the field of website promotion stems from an attempt to understand Google’s policy, something that has already become a kind of obsession. Let’s think for a moment about the big picture; Behind Google’s policy is a desire to provide a high-quality browsing experience for surfers and to reach a high match between the search results and the surfer’s needs. Those who want to go far simply need to provide surfers with quality. In the end, the ones who generate these revenues for the business are the surfers, focus on them and provide them with quality content.

Choosing challenging keywords

For organic website promotion for businesses, you need to do keyword research. The research will bring you the words and phrases that people are searching for and you will naturally want to invest in promoting the search terms that have thousands of searches per month. But the truth is that there are many more like you and the competition for them is high… That’s why you should start with easier targets, I’m talking about the long tail phrases, those consisting of 3-5 words. The competition for them is smaller, so there is a chance that you will be able to get more traffic from them than the phrases that everyone is looking for. start from that. But, it’s much more challenging to find the longer phrases to promote so it’s important that you get creative.

In conclusion,

Organic website promotion for businesses is a very dynamic field. Technologies change, trends change and search engines change policies and develop new tools. In order to succeed in website promotion, it is important to work with the best digital marketing services that are always on the pulse and familiar with the most current technologies and practices.

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