What is a PAN Card (Permanent Account Number)

A Permanent Account Number or PAN is identifying various taxpayers in the country. PAN is a 10-digit identification number that is used in India, mostly for those who pay tax.

The PAN system of identification is a computerized system that allocates unique identification numbers to every Indian tax-payers. By this method, all the information of tax of a person is saved in a single PAN card which acts as the key for the saved of information

This is valid for all over in the country and hence no two people on taxpayers can have the same PAN number.
When a PAN number is allotted to an organization, PAN Card is given by the Income Tax Department.PAN Card is the physical card that has your PAN number that is given by the organization and the name, date of birth (DOB), and photographs. Documents Copies of this card can be submitted as identity proof or DOB.

Your PAN Card validation is for a lifetime because it is unaffected by any change in address.

How to Apply for PAN Card

Application of pan card can be made online on one of the following websites:


You can also apply offline at the district-level PAN agencies that are provided by govt. of India. You can apply for a new PAN as well as make corrections or for changing the information yourself. you can request a duplicate PAN Card or reprint the card if you lost the original pan card.

For a new PAN card, The citizens of India and NRIs (Indian citizens who lived in foreign) need to fill Form 49A. Foreigners and foreign organizations need to fill the Form 49AA. These forms, along with the required documents of the pan card, should be submitted to the Income Tax PAN Services Unit.

if you apply for a new or duplicate PAN card or request for corrections or changes in it, you can track the status of your PAN card application through the acknowledgment number provided.

As per the NSDL website guideline, the whole process of printing and dispatching cards takes approx 2 weeks or 14 days.

how to fill pan card application

  • Fill in all the details as the identity and address proof documents that you are submitting.
  • Attested your thumb impression through a Magistrate/Notary before submitting the form, to avoid disqualification.
  • Fill in the complete address and provides exact contact details in the form.
  • Fill the application form in capital letters.
  • Don’t make corrections or over-writing anywhere in the form.
  • Don’t use the first letter of a name in the first name or last name columns.
  • If your older PAN card is lost/defaced then don’t apply for a new PAN card. Request for a duplicate PAN instead of the original.

Why Is PAN Important for taxpayers?

PAN Card is important for taxpayers because it’s necessary for all transactions and is working to trace the debit and credit of your money. It is important to paying tax, receiving tax refunds, and receiving communication from the Income of Tax Department.

The Indian Budget 2019 proposed that individuals who don’t have a PAN can use their Aadhaar number to file returns and for the other purpose where PAN was earlier mandatory. this suggests that if you’ve got to not link pan with aadhar yet, or don’t have a PAN but have an Aadhaar, you do not need to either link PAN and Aadhaar or apply for a replacement PAN card. However, the principles about this are still within the process of creation/update/approval.

That said, a PAN card continues to be necessary for an outsized number of monetary transactions. PAN Card also is proof of identity. Given below are a number of the uses and advantages of getting a PAN card.

Uses of PAN cards in Financial Transactions:

  • PAN must be quoted while paying direct taxes.
  • Taxpayers got to input their PAN when paying taxes.
  • While registering a business, PAN information must be furnished.
  • A lot of monetary transactions require PAN information. a number of these transactions are:
  • Sale or purchase of property (immovable) which is the value at Rs.5 lakh or above.
  • Sale or purchase of a vehicle apart from a two-wheeler Payments made towards hotels and restaurants which are above Rs.25,000.
  • Payments made in reference to travel requirements to other countries. the quantity during this case if it exceeds Rs.25,000, then you would like to quote your PAN.
  • Payments of quite Rs.50,000 towards bank deposits
  • Purchase of bonds worth Rs.50,000 or more
  • Purchase of shares worth Rs.50,000 or more
  • Purchase of policy worth Rs.50,000 or more
  • Purchase of open-end fund schemes
  • Payments made for quite Rs.5 lakh towards the acquisition of jewelry and bullion
  • To remit money out of India Funds transfer from NRE to NRO account

Advantages of getting PAN

  • PAN card contains information like Name, Age, and photograph, it can be used out of the country as identity proof.
  • PAN is that the absolute best thanks to keeping track of your tax payment. Otherwise, you would possibly be required to pay it multiples times since your tax payment can’t be verified.
  • PAN is exclusive for each organization, its misuse is nearly impossible for purposes of evasion or other devious means.
  • PAN Card is often won’t avail utility connections like electricity, telephone, LPG, and internet.

PAN Card Forms

In order to use a PAN card, a form has got to be filled out. There are two sorts of application forms – Form 49A and Form 49AA. Both the forms are often availed through both online and offline platforms.

  • Form 49A: Form 49A is employed by Indian individuals or entities to use for a PAN card. Students and minors also can apply for PAN using this type.
  • Form 49AA: Form 49AA is that the form for PAN which is employed within the case of foreigners.

The forms need to be duly filled up and sent to the TIN-NSDL’s office.

The Cost of PAN Application:

An individual can make a web application for his or her PAN card. this will be done through the NSDL website or the UTITSL portal. the value of application for PAN is often summed as follows:

  • For Indian communication address: Rs.93 (excluding GST).
  • For foreign communication address: Rs.864 (excluding GST)

How to make the changes or corrections in PAN Card

Given below are the steps you’ll need to follow if you would like to form changes or corrections to your Pan Card online:

Step 1:Firstly visit the NSDL website and under ‘Services’, click on PAN.

Step 2:Scroll down and under ‘Change or Correction in PAN Data’, click on ‘Apply’.

Step 3:Under ‘Application Type’, select ‘Changes or Correction in PAN Data.

Step 4:Enter the opposite details, and click on Submit’.

Step 5:You will get a token number which you’ll use later for tracking purposes.

Step 6:Continue to the appliance form where you’ll need to state the changes or corrections in PAN Card. Provide the new current details and make a payment of Rs.93 and submit the form.

Step 7:You will need to send the specified documents as proof via post to NSDL. The documents you’ll presumably need to submit are going to be proof of address, proof of identity, and proof of documentation showing the change you would like to form to your PAN Card.

Step 8:Your forms are going to be processed and if the documents submitted by you’re correct, those changes are going to be incorporated into your PAN Card.

Step 9:Once those changes are done, the new PAN Card is going to be dispatched to the communication address that you have given in the form and you’ll receive it within 15 days.

How to apply for PAN Card Offline

Given below are the steps you’ll need to follow if you would like to use for PAN Card offline:

Step 1:Visit the official website of TIN-NSDL by clicking on the link

Step 2:On the most page, under the “Downloads’ section, click on ‘PAN’. you will be directly reached to a new page.

Step 3:Click on ‘Form 49A’.

Step 4:The Form 49A form will appear on your display screen in pdf format. Download the form and take a printout.

Step 5:Fill the form and confirm all the small print entered by you’re correct.

Step 6:Make sure you attach all the required documents including your passport size photograph.

Step 7:You will need to pay the registration fee which may be paid via demand draft in favor of ‘NSDL – PAN’ payable at Mumbai. you’ll need to pay Rs.115.90.

Step 8:Enclose the appliance form and photocopies of your documents in an envelope. confirm you mention ‘APPLICATION FOR PAN-N-Acknowledgement Number’ on the envelope and send it to the address

You will later receive an application number that you simply can use to trace the status of your PAN Card application.

Documents Required to fill the form for a PAN Card

In order to use for PAN Card, you’ll need to submit a number of documents including Form 49A or 49AA. Given below is that the list of documents you’ll need to submit while applying for a PAN Card:

If you’re a private applicant:
  • Proof of identity like Aadhaar, Voter ID, driver’s license, etc.
  • Proof of address like a utility bill, water bill, checking account statement, statement of your MasterCard, Passport, driver’s license, Domicile certificate issued by the govt, certificate of marriage, matriculation certificate, etc.

How to download duplicate PAN Card if you’ve got Lost your Original PAN Card:

You will need to follow the steps given below to order a replica PAN Card if you’ve got lost your Original PAN Card:
  • Visit the TIN-NSDL or UTIITSL website to use for a duplicate PAN Card.
  • If you’re a citizen of India then you’ll need to submit Form 49A, otherwise, Form 49AA if you’re a foreigner.
  • Complete the payment required to use for a duplicate PAN Card. you’ll also make the payment via demand draft.
  • Take the printout of the shape and send it to the address of the tax PAN Services Unit

It will take almost 45 days for you to receive your duplicate PAN Card.

Inquiry of PAN Card/ Tracking of PAN Card/ Online Status Check of PAN Card:

  • The status of your PAN Card can be checked online after you have submitted the application form for it.
  • The application status will show you after the card has been issued or is in transit.
  • You can check the status of your PAN Card on either TIN-NSDL or UTIITSL website.
  • You can figure out the status of your PAN Card with your name and date of birth entered on the website.

 Customer Care Support for PAN/TDS

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