Hotel Near Jawai Bandh

Jawai Bandh is a well-known dam situated in the Pali district of Rajasthan state of India. Jawai Bandh is built across the Jawai River, a tributary of the Luni River. It is famous for the easy sighting of leopards these are often spotted over the mountain rocks in search of food.

In Jawai Dam leopards, bears, birds, sloth bears, white foxes, jungle cats, crocodiles, nilgai, and other animals dwell in this bandh. If you are a nature lover and planning a trip to Jawai then you can go for a jungle safari to witness it and here in the forest, you can see wild cats roaming and hunting.

To enjoy all these things you need to book a Hotel near Jawai Bandh. There is a Thour nature resort near Jawai Bandh which is a superlative hotel. In this article, we will discuss this fully facilitated Hotel in Jawai.

Thour Nature Resort

About Thour Nature Resort:-

It is a nature-friendly resort from where you can hear birds chirping and take a nap in nature’s lap while staying in this hotel you will feel that you are living in the camp and get a feel like you are doing a campaign here in a tent.

the structure of the hotel is built in a way where the villa is covered by tents that look like a camp.

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Reasons to choose Thour Nature Resort:-

If we say that you have chosen this resort for some reason, then it would not be correct to say. Here I will tell the reasons, after seeing which you will choose yourself, which makes your journey memorable at Jawai trip.
1. Luxury Tent:- When you come back from a long journey, or jungle safari with your sore feet, you will need a comfortable bed. We provide luxury tents that have a king-size bed, air-conditioner, and all the compulsory accessories over there, Which will help you to overcome your fatigue and you will be able to enjoy your trip better.
2. Bar:- After a long day of exploration, we recognize how worn out you are by keeping this in mind we provide you with the best malts and spirits. You may observe the nighttime scene of the entire town while drinking at our open bar enjoy the beverage.   
3. Dining:- After a busy and tired day the only thing which makes your day happier is a portion of yummy food. We could not help but make your eating experience special for you because we are such great hosts. We make sure you taste a variety of foods and one of Rajasthan’s best chefs prepares the meals which make your day.
4. Leopard Safari:- We arrange a leopard safari for you. Our drivers are so experienced and connected with Jawai that they are drivers cum guides. Who knows at what time and place you can get to see leopards.

Except for all these things we also arrange more like:-

Jungle Safari
Village Safari
bone fire, etc.

Hotel Near Jawai Bandh - Thour Nature Resort

Final Words About Thour Nature Resort:-

Thour Nature Resort in Jawai Bandh is the finest place to stay in Jawai where you will get all the luxury amenities with delicious cuisine. Here you can also enjoy the born fire with light music which will help to relax your soul.
This is the place from where you can enjoy your whole tour with your loved ones and make your trip memorable. 

Thour Nature Resort near Jawai Bandh in Rajasthan offers the perfect getaway for a memorable trip with loved ones. Experience nature’s beauty and indulge in luxury for a complete and unforgettable tour.

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