Win big with fantasy cricket: top strategies for success.

Fantasy cricket has lost its Fantasy status. Cricket fans are now considerably closer to their goals thanks to technological advancements and the previously unheard-of availability of smartphones and smart devices. While the majority of these cricket fans may not have had the opportunity to play for their country’s team, online fantasy games made possible by fantasy cricket platforms have undoubtedly given them a chance to hone and display their talents.

Think 11 is a well-known Indian fantasy sports platform that enables users to play fantasy cricket. It is a game of skill in which you assemble a team of actual players for a forthcoming match, compete with other players, and win real money based on the player’s performance.

With the jump in users, the competition is also growing and as an outcome, winning contests in fantasy cricket is not as easy as it used to be. Knowing a few basic strategies is essential for league success.

How to play on a fantasy cricket app?

1. Download Fantasy Sport App

2. Register your account

3. Link your mail id and mobile number

4. Create a username and password

5. Fill in bank account details like:- The Account number and IFSC code.

6. Choose a sport which you want to play.

7. Choose a league for that particular sport that is chosen by you.

8. Create a team.

9. Pay a registration or entry fee if it is not a free game.

10. Enter a game and enjoy it.

Tricks to maximize your winning on the Cricket Fantasy app

Choose an appropriate platform:-

when you are looking forward to winning a big prize through fantasy cricket. The first thing to do is choose an appropriate one according to you before creating an account on any fantasy cricket application read reviews before doing that. By reading reviews you get to know about the application, the experience of the players, and many more in this format.

Wisely choose a captain and vice-captain:-

While making a team of 11 player’s captain and vice-captain plays an important role in a team if a captain score points then you will get 2x points and 1.5x points on the vice-captain’s performance. These two can be the difference between winning and losing the match.

Choose in-form players:-

While creating a team only select those players who are in form currently don’t select them in your team based on their past performance record. They will put a big impact on winning the match. Check the latest news about the player like whether the player you get in your think11 team is fit or not.

Choose the right combination of batsmen, wicket-keepers, bowlers, and fielders:-

The right combination of batsmen impacts a lot in a match. The pair of left and right-hand batsmen will bother the bowler. It leads to earning more points on batsmen performance as like wicket-keepers, bowlers, and fielders everyone plays their main character to win the match.

Making alterations at the last minute:-

keep an eye on the live game before sending the squad out to make any last-minute adjustments based on the toss. If changes are necessary, make them.

Review the pitch and weather report:-

Try to analyze the pitch and weather whether it’s a balling pitch or a batting. Based on your review study about the pitch is it good for a swing bowler or a fast one? alter your squad accordingly.

Why choose Think11:-

nowadays Think11 is one of the leading and trustworthy fantasy cricket platforms. This allows you to win lots of real money by executing your skill in the game. Think11 has a user-friendly interface everyone can use it easily without taking guidance from anyone.

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