Affordable Ways to Ship a Car

When relocating and it is about your car, you need to pay attention to different facets of the auto shipper for car transport in the USA. Some of the critical features that need thorough examination include:

  1. The various carrier options that the auto shipper offer – The enclosed carrier and the open carrier shipping are two of the main types. There is a multi-carrier shipping format too. Some companies offer all these three types; some are experts in one of these. You need to choose a company that offers a service type that is attuned to your need. For example, if it is about classic car shipping, you need to look for an auto shipper that is an expert in enclosed carrier shipping with relevance to classic cars.

2. Check the payment terms and conditions – Most reliable auto shippers will ask for an advance payment. However, they will also offer options in terms of how you can pay up the balance money. Some may want 100% advance, while some will offer you the option of part payment after delivery of the car. Some companies may offer both. You need to enquire and find out more details before choosing.

3. Insurance coverage – There are many reliable California vehicle transport companies that cover the vehicle under the insurance coverage of the truck; while some will ask you to have your own auto insurance in place. It is always wise to go in with a company that offers on-the-route insurance for your vehicle. Remember, in case something was to happen to the vehicle en-route the new destination, there will be no reimbursements or financial compensations in the offing in case of no insurance. Also, if the service provider is offering you a guarantee about their insurance, you should ask to see if the proof of papers.

4. Ask about the cancellation policy of the company – Before you finalize the contract, read through the terms and conditions meticulously. You need to specifically focus on the cancellation policy. Leading auto shippers will have flexible rules regarding the cancellation. Expect to pay a certain percentage as a penalty with almost all auto shippers asking for the same. However, only the reliable ones will have a policy which will allow you to postpone or pre-pone car transport in the USA.

5. Price quote – When you sit down to choose an auto shipper, ensure that you request a quote from at least two to three top auto shippers so that you are able to compare the price, before making a choice.

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