Best Tricks to Promote a Flash Sale on Facebook and Instagram

Do you run flash sales? Are you looking for ways to promote your flash sales on social media platforms?

This article will show you how to promote sales on Instagram and Facebook in a short-term manner using organic posts and paid ads.

Useful Strategies to Promote a Flash Sale on Fb & Instagram

#1: Create an event on Facebook for your Flash Sale

You can create a Facebook event to promote your flash sale. It allows you to include all the details and also lets customers mark their interest by creating organic reach.

Facebook’s algorithm will likely show your event to people who are interested based on their social activity. This extends your reach even more.

. They will also receive reminders when it is due to begin.

#2: Create a pre-launch reach campaign using ads on Instagram and Facebook

Promoting your flash sale will ensure that potential customers see it. Paid ads on Facebook or Instagram are a great way to build awareness and create conversation about your sale, as well as prime your Facebook pixel.

Priming the pixel is a way to warm up Facebook. Facebook will be able to determine who is ready to buy if you have an engagement and expand your reach before you start your flash sale. The whole process can be accomplished by analyzing the whole activity and further engagement during the business and launch. As we discuss, you’ll build a large audience you can retarget.

Thanks to the pixel, this initial priming will put your product in front of people who are already interested in it. It will increase your ROAS (return on ad investment) by reducing CPA (cost per acquisition). This smart use of ad tech is an excellent one.

You would normally choose the Conversions goal when creating Facebook ads for eCommerce.

Select reach as the campaign objective to create. Your ad can target your following or a cool audience with similar product interests. If you have a children’s clothing shop, targeting parents or people with a similar interest can help you reach your target audience.

#3: Count down to the sale with organic posts on Facebook and Instagram

Start sharing daily countdown posts on Facebook or Instagram about 5-7 days before your flash sale. To give yourself some time to plan your posts, you can schedule them a few weeks ahead of time. It will allow you to consider how organic engagement will be achieved. To avoid missing a day, planning your posts is a smart idea.

Make 5-7 posts that call out your sale. Include the date and number of days.

Consider using engagement hooks when creating these posts. These include “tag a friend that NEEDS to hear about this sale” or “Tell us what you’re considering buying.” With this, you actually create a preparing a specific set of audience who used to like your business page. This audience can be retargeted via your ad campaigns on the day you sell.

#4: Use Instagram and Facebook Ads to Promote Your Flash Sale Day

If you are ready to launch your flash sale, let’s set it up as a conversion campaign. You’re telling Facebook that you want conversions by running a Conversions Campaign. Facebook won’t deliver what you want, so don’t use your campaign to get ads to carts or landing page views.

You can set your budget.

A lifetime budget is recommended for campaigns lasting less than 24 hours. To do this, toggle Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) on and choose Lifetime Budget from the drop-down menu.

The most prudent setting is the Lifetime Budget. Facebook would only spend 25% of your budget for a 6-hour campaign if you used a daily budget.

Target Audiences with Warm Ads

After you have set up your campaign, you can create multiple ad sets in order to measure audience response and test audience success.

You’ve already run your flash sale warm-up campaign, so you can now create multiple ad sets for different audiences. These sets should include the following:

All site visitors in the past 180 days

Your customer list

Everybody who has engaged with your Instagram profile and Facebook page in the past 30 days

You should immediately be able to determine which ad set is performing well if your naming conventions are set up correctly (as shown in the below example).

Select Accelerated Delivery

Remember that Facebook’s pacing algorithm may take some time to adjust itself at the beginning. If you want your campaigns to start with a bang, there are better options. Use Accelerated Delivery in this instance. This option will disallow the pacing algorithm and allow you to participate in as many auctions as possible

it can improve delivery and support to collect data and minimizes expenses. You might lose your entire budget.

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