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Precision Conveyors is known as the best Belt Conveyors Manufacturers in India and an exporter in UAE, Canada, and USA. At Precision Conveyors, we offer an inclusive variety of conveyors to an array of different productions for various resolutions. We are not only leading belt conveyor manufacturers, but we also deal in other conveyors like Conveyors Belt Manufacturers, Roller conveyors Manufacturers, Waste to energy plants Manufacturers, Powered Roller Conveyor Manufacturers, RDF Plant manufacturers, etc. Over our time in this industry, we have successfully designed and implemented 1000 + conveyor systems, assisting our customers in fulfilling their promises with our timely distribution and outstanding machines.

Founded by Mr. Santosh Jha in 2001, Precision Conveyors has achieved an important milestone in the industry since its inception. Today, Precision Conveyors is a well-known business, designing, Conveyor Manufacturers and Conveyor supplying well-designed and efficient equipment to take care of every material handling and storage related needs of a number of prestigious customers, not only in the motherland but across the world.

Types of Belt Conveyors Manufacturers by Precision Conveyors

Flat belts: Flat belts are direct belts that work continuously. They are the most common kind of conveyor belt. In that capacity, they are utilized for various applications, like modern coating, depleting, warming, cooling, drying, mining, and logging.

Continuous belting will be belting that has neither creases nor joints. For this reason, it is sometimes alluded to as “unending belting”.

O-ring belts, also known as round belts or perpetual round belts, are stretchy belts with a couple of applications. Often, customers use them to keep flat belts solidly on their rollers or connected to chains, rather than slipping internally during motion. This is mostly a gamble at curves or turns in enormous conveyor frameworks. Also, customers habitually buy o-ring belts for use in power transmission frameworks.

Cotton conveyor belts: Cotton conveyor belts are lightweight, firmly woven belts produced using cotton. They are best for use in food processing and baking. Makers can plan them to comply with FDA/USDA norms.

Timing belts: Timing belts are utilized in gas-powered motors and work pair with the motor’s cog wheels and cogs. Many manufacturing offices acknowledge custom orders for belts that are intended for a particular function or piece of gear.

Fin belts: Fin belts are named for their fin-like components, which stick out from the principal belt. These fins are made to flex and get rapidly moving containers. These are utilized to isolate cartons in bundling offices. Flat belts are made of homogeneous thermoplastic. They are consistent and do not have pivot rods. Additionally, they have a decreased OSP (100% closed surface) to lessen bacterial harborage. These belts work best in crude and cooked meat applications, as well as products of the soil processing lines.

Wire belts: Wire belts are not made with a rubber or polymer belt, but instead woven wire cords (typically steel or hardened steel cords) or junk mail-Esque wire joins. Wire belts are utilized for heavy obligation applications. Wire Mesh belts are composed of hardened steel series 300 and have a non-exposed pivot system to prevent bacterial harborage. Due to their superior intensity opposition and belt dependability, these belts are great for breaded products and are mostly used for cooked food.

V-belts: V-belts will be belts that highlight a v-formed groove and run in a pulley. They travel higher torque than flat belts yet require less width and lower tension to do so. For added traction, makers can extend the V slot. V-belts are best with lightweight applications.

Rubber conveyor belts: Rubber conveyor belts are all conveyor belts produced using everyday or engineered rubber materials, like urethane, silicone, or neoprene. Rubber belts are pretty much as versatile as rubber itself, so they are available in a large number of thicknesses and grades. They can be utilized for anything from food conveying to modern conveying.

Roller conveyors: Roller conveyors are conveyor frameworks that run utilizing a bunch of rollers introduced inside an edge. For this situation, the belt sits on top of the rollers. When the rollers rotate, the belt moves forward and takes the goods it is conveying with it.

Some of their products:

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Slat Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyor
  • Powered Roller Conveyor
  • Manual Roller Conveyor
  • Ball Transfer Unit
  • Free Flow Conveyor
  • Overhead Conveyor
  • Wheel Conveyors
  • Industrial Conveyors
  • Airport Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Platform Trolleys
  • Municipal Waste Plant
  • Assembly Line
  • Construction Conveyors
  • Mobile Assembly Line Conveyor
  • Tablet Conveyors
  • Truck Loader Conveyors
  • Biomining plant manufactures
  • Legacy waste biomining plant manufacturer
  • Bioremediation plant manufacturer
  • Biomethanation plant manufacturer
  • Compost plant manufacturer
  • Rdf plant manufacturer
  • Msw plant manufacturer
  • Solid waste management plant manufacturer
  • Garbage processing plant manufacturer
  • Waste to energy plant manufacturer
  • Composting machine manufacturer

So if you are searching for the best Conveyors Belt Manufacturers in India, Roller conveyors Manufacturers in India, or Waste to energy plants Manufacturers in India then directory call Precision Conveyors helpline number or visit our official website and get the best dealership with us.

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