Best 10 Tips to Optimize URLs in SEO Strategies

In this article, we will discuss how to optimize URLs in SEO tactics and best practices. A good URL will increase website traffic as well as ranking on search engine result pages. So, if you are a beginner in SEO and don’t know how to have an SEO-friendly URL. So follow these steps which I have explained. So let’s talk about this topic.

1] Use Hyphens Not Underscores

Always use hyphens instead of underscores and spaces in blog URLs. If your blog URL contains spaces, avoid them and use hyphens. Because search engine bots easily understand hyphens in URLs instead of spaces and underscores. Second, don’t use numbers in website permalinks. It’s difficult to change your website’s URL once you’ve added a number to the URL. Alternatively, you can hire the best SEO marketing agency if you do not want to do it yourself. A Boise SEO Marketing Agency is also available to you if you live in the Boise area.

2] Include Your Primary Keyword

When you write a blog you should use primary keywords in the blog URL. Because it is called good practice in SEO if you add the primary keywords in the URL. When you add primary keywords to a web page it is a plus point if you have added primary keywords.

3] Use Only Lower Case

Another point to remember for URLs is to not use capital letters or uppercase in URLs. Because a rule made by all search engine browsers is that website URLs must be in lowercase. So if you don’t know apply this to your website URL today.

4] URL Must Be Readable

It is mandatory to make the website URL readable. I mean any search engine user or spider bot should be able to understand the webpage URL easily. For example, a URL like should not be in the form of numbers. This is a poor SEO URL and will also decrease the website ranking. So after reading this article make sure you don’t have any number in your web page URL. It’s not that you should never use numbers in URLs, you should only use numbers in URLs when necessary.

5] Add Canonical URL

When you publish content on your website, add your own canonical URL of the specific uploaded blog. If you do this your website’s ranking on SERPs increases. Apart from this, Want to grow your West Palm Beach business with a West Palm Beach SEO Marketing Agency? Then you should hire this SEO expert as soon as possible.

6] Do 301 Redirection for Broken Links

If you are analyzing your website and you have checked that broken links exist on your website. In that case, broken links need a 301 redirect because any search engine crawlers come to your website and see 404 errors. So spider bots will not crawl your web page from there. 404 error reduces website ranking and traffic. So to solve the 404 errors you need to do 301 permanent redirections for broken links.

7] Block Unsafe URLs using robots.txt

If you find unsafe links or spammy links that affect your website, you should block the URL. Because this can reduce your website traffic and ranking on SERPs. For that, you can use the robots.txt method and block such kinds of URLs.

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