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Foreign education is a growing trend among Indian students seeking world-class academic facilities, lucrative job opportunities, and better living standards. Multiple reports suggest that the count of students going abroad has increased by 68% in 2022 and is projected to increase in 2023.

However, your dream to study abroad in USA, UK, or other study hubs can come to a halt if you fail to fulfill the institution’s eligibility criteria, including English language test scores. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo are popular exams trusted by various academic and non-academic institutions to evaluate students’ language proficiency.

What Is PTE And Its Significance?

Pearson Test of English or PTE is a standard computer-based language test that assesses students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills aspiring to pursue education at a foreign institution. Since English is one of the primary languages of communication in the US, non-native English-speaking students must take the test to prove their language proficiency.

The PTE scores are widely accepted by top-tier, prestigious American institutions, such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia University, and also play a pivotal role for immigrants seeking Permanent Residency in an English-speaking country.

PTE Exam Coaching in India

Indian students widely prefer PTE for multiple reasons, like flexibility, security, fairness, and unlimited reach with no extra charges. The scoring ranges between 10-90, with 90 being the highest and 10 the lowest. The grading scale helps the admission offers to assess the test taker’s English language skills and identify the areas of improvement.

Considering the significance of PTE exam scores, it’s crucial that you, as a study abroad aspirant, team up with the right abroad study consultancy for extensive guidance. Abroadvice.com is a well-known study abroad consultant in Noida with an impressive record of helping PTE test takers bag top scores. The PTE tutors are certified and possess decades of relevant work experience. Thanks to their expertise, they can identify your weaknesses and develop personalized solutions so you earn the perfect score.

Why Choose Abroadvice for PTE Exam Coaching in Noida?

Abroadvice is a popular name for PTE exam coaching in Noida, as it connects students with highly skilled and qualified PTE tutors for one-to-one guidance. The tutor will help you understand the scoring criteria, the fundamentals of a strong speech, and the use of appropriate vocabulary for common PTE exam topics. You will also learn how to approach different tasks, create accurate and structured sentences, and create cohesion in your speech. Let’s elaborate:

  • Abroadvice.com enjoys a high success rate because they have experienced study abroad and visa consultants who use their expertise to help you improve your performance in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections.
  • The PTE tutors provide students with the latest resources and free practice templates. So you will have ample practice modules and sample papers to understand the criticalities of essay writing and ways to create a stellar piece.
  • Abroadvice is famous among PTE test takers for offering constant support. While you can discuss your queries during the class sessions, you can also reach out to them when you are stuck with your PTE questions post-sessions. The team offers instant support and discussion sessions to answer your questions and turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  • Unlike other PTE exam coaching centers in Noida, the coaching fee at Abroadvice.com is affordable and student-friendly. There’s no headache of hidden charges or service policies. Students can easily afford a tutor and improve their language skills and, thus, their PTE scores.
  • Abroadvice also provides mock tests so students can take them in a real-time test environment. Regular mock tests allow you to practice your skills in a real test setting and overcome your exam fears.

What Will You Learn with Abroadvice’s PTE Coaching – Key Highlights

  • You’ll learn to create the perfect summary using the correct sentence structure, grammar, task content, proper vocabulary, and linguistic inputs in the given word count for the summarized spoken text task.
  • Multiple choice questions, or MCQs, are common in language tests such as PTE, where you’ll be given multiple options and have to pick the right ones based on the clip you hear. You will get exercises to practice choosing multiple answers for MCQs relevant to the given audio clips.
  • You will develop a clear understanding of how to solve the ‘Listening’ tasks and answer the fill-the-blank questions from questions given as passages effectively. You will also get guidance for framing accurate sentences using correct spelling and grammar and the given keywords.
  • The tutors will train you to tackle the low-weighted tasks from the ‘Listening Module.’ You will have to solve varied questions for ‘Highlight correct summary and select missing words’ and get a detailed understanding of how such tasks are solved.
  • You will get to learn about answering multiple-choice questions. In the multiple-choice module, you will have to select the right answer for the multiple-choice questions based on the audio clipping you hear.
  • Throughout the coaching session, you will stay under rigorous practice to solve every module accurately. You will also learn to identify the incorrect words in the ‘Highlight incorrect words’ section. The PTE tutors will train you on ways to identify the words from the audio clip that is different from the written transcript.
  • ‘Write from Dictation’ can be challenging for individuals with difficulty in listening and writing. However, Abroadvice ensures the constant practice of such exercises so you develop the skills and confidence to tackle the ‘Listening and Writing Module.’

Parting Thoughts

Speaking and writing in English can be stressful for many PTE test takers. You have to process information and produce an accurate response fluently and quickly. You must have proper guidance and use effective practices to crack your PTE and score a solid 90. Collaborating with the PTE tutors at Abroadvice.com will equip you with everything necessary to unleash your truest potential and gain success. Therefore, visit the website today for tips and hacks, ample practice modules, and extensive guidance from PTE coaches to develop your language fluency and achieve top scores without paying an arm and a leg.

Good luck!

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Kritika Sharma has 8+ years of teaching experience in the English language. Even though she is currently associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com as a subject matter expert, she also offers PTE exam coaching in Noida through an online forum dedicated to studying abroad consultation. Besides teaching, Kate is into painting, blogging, and watching period movies.

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