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Do you want to easily convert EML files to PDF? If the answer is yes, you must be searching for a dependable remedy. This blog post will cover both the manual and dedicated tool methods for converting EML files to PDF so you can do it without any problem.

Some Users query that they want to convert EML files to PDF file format.

Hi, my name is David. I have to exhibit some of my emails that are in EML file format in the presentation, but I need to convert those emails to the PDF file format for that. Please advise me on the best procedure to carry out this conversion, if you are a technical expert.

Let’s quickly go through what the EML and PDF file formats are before we begin the techniques. Let’s first learn about the EML file format:


EMF file format:- or Electronic Mail Format, is an extension that is utilised by the majority of email clients, programmes, and servers. The email message’s text, topic, sender and recipient’s dates, as well as any attachments, are all saved in an EML file by email clients like Apple Mail or Outlook. These texts are kept in messages that follow the Internet Messages Format standard.

For the purpose of transferring messages across email clients, Microsoft created the EML format in accordance with the industry standard RFC 5322.

PDF file format: – The acronym PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which is used to store many types of data in the same format without altering the file and data item hierarchy, including text, photos, hyperlinks, videos, and fonts. The advantage of this file format is that it is considerably more universally compatible and runs well on all platforms. Adobe created the idea for a PDF file. It is used to store various file types in an endless number of typeface and picture combinations. In order to make e-books in lightweight forms, PDF was specifically designed.

Why would someone wish to convert their EML files to PDF attachments?

There are a number of good reasons to save EML as PDF, some of which are listed below:

  • for future reference, save the emails as PDF files.
  • The most adaptable and independent file format that is simple to use on any machine is PDF.
  • Emails may be accessed offline by being converted into PDF files.
  • Because it includes encryption and other essential features like a watermark, etc., PDF format provides safety and security.


How to Convert EML Files to PDF Format

There are two techniques to convert an EML file to a PDF file, namely:

  • Professional Ways
  • Manual Ways

Using the Thunderbird Email Client, save emails

If you use Windows, you may instal the Import Export/Tools extension along with the Thunderbird email client to convert all of your messages to the PDF file format. So, despite the fact that there are alternatives to this, we will nevertheless give you access to high-quality ways for converting EML files.

To convert EML to PDF format, adhere to these steps:

  • Regarding the chosen EML folder:
  • Install the Import/Export Tools Extension for Thunderbird first.
  • Click the right mouse button after selecting the desired folder from the Inbox, Draft, Sent, or Trash.
  • Click on Export all messages in the folder after selecting Import/Export Tools.
  • The PDF format must then be chosen.

Regarding the chosen Messages:

  • Select the desired messages first.
  • Select those messages by doing a right-click and selecting them.
  • Next, select the PDF format.
  • Select Browse from the menu.
  • Decide where to preserve your messages.
  • Finally, pick PDF format and the chosen folder.

You can convert an EML file to a PDF by correctly completing all of these procedures. But what if the manual methods are unsuccessful? Continue reading to learn how to handle this scenario effectively.

Professional Methods for PDF Creation from EML Files

Professionals frequently utilise the professional way to convert EML files to PDF formats. To convert their emails into PDF files, simply follow the procedures below:

  • Next, include the required files.
  • Then select PDF as the saving option.
<strong>A reliable solution to convert EML files to PDF file format.</strong>
  • To save, click the Save button.
  • At last, hit the “Convert-Now” button and start converting EML files.

Note: One may convert their EML files to PDF file format after completing all of these processes successfully.

Why do we choose professional techniques over manual ones?

Professional conversion procedures easily provide you a great deal of independence. Consequently, the advantages of employing professional tools are:

  • The EML files are simple to convert into various formats, like EMLX, PDF, PST, MBOX, MHT, HTML, and others.
  • The mass conversion of emails is supported. Users no longer have to use the drag and drop technique.
  • Users may convert EML files with attachments to PDF format as well.
  • In contrast to laborious processes, this software is simple to use.

In the End

The methods for converting EML to PDF with attachments are explained in this technical reference. In this article, two highly effective methods for converting the email format are described: manual methods and expert methods. When a user doesn’t want to convert their critical emails, it is advised for them to use manual techniques, however, EML Converter is recommended when we are talking about privacy and speedy conversion. Use these tools accordingly to do this conversion efficiently, making the process safer and more effective.

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