Your Guide to Choosing the Right Text Annotation Tool

If you are trying to make a perfect machine learning model, you should have a strong base i.e. great training data. To make the model successful, the data should be properly labeled to train the machine learning algorithms. The whole data labeling process includes data annotation, classification, tagging, moderation, and processing.

Whether you are annotating images, text, or PDFs, you need to have the right annotation tool. Here, we are going to take a look at all the important aspects of choosing the right annotation tool.

Finding the Right Text Annotation Tool

Check out these key points:

An Efficient Tool

The best thing a text annotation tool can do for you is to save your precious time while streamlining your business process. Hence, you must look for a tool that is equipped with hotkey support, a user-friendly interface, and other key features that simplify and automate the entire annotation process. On the other hand, the tool needs to improve the overall annotation quality, and this is what efficiency is all about.

Check for the Best Functionalities

The text annotation tool becomes more and more effective when it supports different kinds of file formats. Of course, you may come across different needs depending on the project requirements. Find a tool that supports and simplifies scanning different file formats including PDFs, PNG, and JPG images, and a tool with these functionalities is sure to add some value to your business. Your text annotation tool must be equipped with the right features, auto-labeling, document classification, team collaboration, multi-lingual annotation and more.

Application and Formatting

Annotations are available in a wide variety of formats, image masks, TFRecords, text files (CSV, txt), and others. You can simplify your data annotation workflow if you have a tool that helps in directly converting the document to your desired format. Also, make sure that the tool meets all your requirements. Whether you are looking for a web-based annotation app or you are working offline, all these can be important aspects of your project. For those who are working online, they may need some additional support from the tool such as OCR engine options. The OCR annotation tool must offer the availability of main cloud providers such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Final Words

If you are looking for a reliable and highly advanced text annotation tool, then visit UBIAI is an advanced text annotation tool that allows you to perform named entity recognition (NER), relation extraction, PDF annotation for NLP, and document classification all in the same interface. You can export your annotations in different formats such as IOB, spacy, Amazon comprehend, etc.

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