SEO Ranking Is Falling

One day, as you were giving SEO in Malaysia your all, you noticed a sudden decline in rankings.

While the sudden increase in SERPs is exciting, its subsequent decline is unsettling. After spending a few months building the website and fantasizing about getting visitors, all of a sudden, your hopelessness sets in.

You can start to wonder if you’ve changed course from where you started and whether this is now where you should start.

In the game, you fall in the ranks before witnessing the same thing ascend once more. While it is normal for you to initially experience anxiety, as you gain more knowledge about it, you will understand it is not the end of the world. There are several things you may do to resolve the problem and boost the ranks – the first is to find the best digital marketing agency KL and talk the issue out.

Find Out the Cause of the Decrease:

Before concentrating on how to raise your rankings, monitor them; it’s best to do this daily to determine if they are rising or declining. Do it every day since Google updates its algorithms over 3,200 times year, or more than eight times every day. Maintain daily positional awareness. Google Search Console is the greatest place to start if you want to see how many people are visiting and how high it is ranked. Also, you may use it to check things like visibility and indexing status, which could be useful in assisting you in making decisions or modifying your strategy.

You could learn more about:

  • Any notifications or communications from Google
  • The connections you may have made between internal and external pages
  • Check the website to see if there are any mistakes
  • Its rate of crawling and how Google-bot evaluates your website
  • The pertinent keyphrase searches

Code for Tracking Websites:

A drop in site traffic might occasionally be brought on by false data in your site’s tracking code. Any changes to your website’s code or any analytical plug-ins might cause the tracking code to malfunction. So, it is recommended to check the tracking code before moving on.

Verify That You Are Not Being Punished:

Although website fines are uncommon, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Also, if you have not involved in any dubious or unlawful behavior, such as acquiring links, you shouldn’t be concerned about receiving a punishment. Yet, there are over 50 reasons why your website can be punished. Discover the problems and address them.

The Google algorithm is always changing, so one day you can see that the site has been penalized while the next, much to your relief, it has been reinstated.

Google Penalty Explained:

The term “Google penalty” refers to the deletion or removal of your website from the Google index. It can be carried out manually by the webspam team or automatically by Google’s webspam filtering algorithm, such as Penguin.

You may learn more about it in several places, including your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or by looking at the brand positioning in Google.

How Can the Google Penalty Be Lifted?

Follow Google’s advice on the website. Make sure your website is original, has appropriate content, and has no broken links. Also, there is no fraud and the traffic is organic and appropriate. Several additional small details must be attended to, such as being cautious while migrating, revamping the sites, etc.

Website Redesign or Migration Problem:

When you redesign a website or move it to a new platform and see a sharp drop in traffic, check to be sure you haven’t harmed or de-optimized anything. For instance, a website’s ranking on mobile devices partly depends on how rapidly it loads. Even if it costs more, shorten the loading time.

Additional issues might potentially arise, such as

  • Alterations to architecture
  • Lack of or broken internal linkages
  • Services interrupted
  • Failed attempts to implement redirects
  • Internal links and broken links

Prioritize and correct the errors; it is advisable to work with your developer to address them.

Content Excellence:

The caliber of the material is another factor that contributes to the rankings decline. If Google’s Panda determines that the website’s content is of poor quality, it will penalize it severely.

Although it’s a prevalent belief that nobody has time to read lengthy published pieces of information, John Lincoln, one of the columnists, disagrees. He asserts that people enjoy reading lengthy stuff the best. It receives conversions and is graded. The idea is to write more than 1500 words.

Even Google acknowledges that the likelihood of having material ranked increases with length. According to experts and advertisers, long text sells more than short copy and generates more backlinks and conversions than short copy.

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