<strong>Why is Parylene Coating Conformal? Process Makes Perfect</strong>

Designers and manufacturers of electronics of the world are required to make products that are smaller, lighter and also environment friendly. The need of the hour for various manufacturers is something that performs reliably in their operating environment. Some of them include chemical exposure, moisture, excess sunlight, electrical charges and even severe temperatures. A versatile product like Parylene coating by Parylene Coating in Malaysia delivers all the above conditions and helps the manufacturers address various challenges.

What is Parylene?

Parylene was originally developed by a group of scientists at Union carbide in the 1950’s. It is a generic name that is given to polymeric and organic coating materials. The basic characteristic of this material is it is ultra-thin, pin-hole free and conforms to the other components used.  The Parylene Coating Suppliers in Malaysia have been dealing with this versatile product for many years and is easily available.  After the recent growth in exports and imports, products like Parylene are in high demand.

What are the various types of Parylene Coating Process?

There are quite a few variants of Parylene like P-xylenes and its substitutions like Parylene N, C or D. It is a highly crystalline material and very flexible for usage.

The process of Parylene coating by Parylene Coating Manufacturer involves various aspects like thorough cleaning, activation and masking and the final product is placed in the deposition chambers to be coated. The product is kept in room temperature throughout the coating process.  Since it is highly stable it can literally withstand any type of local temperature.

Important features of Parylene

There are several beneficial features of using Parylene for various industries and manufacturing purposes for Parylene Coating in Malaysia.

  • Conformity and Thickness and Uniformity:  Parylene is consistent and uniform material and thin layer is sufficient while using it.
  • Hassle free handling: Parylene is used in room temperatures and there is no mechanical or thermal stress involved. It is pretty safe for handling and can be introduced at any point of application.
  • Electrical ability: Another important characteristic of Parylene is that it is dielectric constant and has a unique insulating property. It can resist any type of volume and surface sensitivity. It is highly pure, does not attract moisture and prevents ionic impurities in conventional coatings.
  • Good mechanical strength: Parylene is highly tensile and yields a great amount of strength. It has a low gravity and hence useful for making several products like conductors, microcircuits, conductor bridges bonded chips and so on.
  • Extended protection: The chemical composition of Parylene is such that it has an exceptional ability to prevent corrosion due to moisture, salt, sprays, vapours and other non-conducive environments. It is a great barrier for extractable metals which may contaminate otherwise.


Parylene film improves the surface properties of various materials and in ways that cannot be possible by other materials or industrial processes. It is a controllable application and provides consistency and cost effective results. The need for high-quality products with conformal coating is increasing and Parylene Coating in Malaysia plays a very important role in this whole gamut.

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