<strong>When Should You Use the Drop Option in Online Rummy?</strong>

Playing rummy games online with the help of the numerous rummy game apps available in the market has become pretty frequent for the newer generations. You can play these rummy games to not only enjoy yourself. But also to win cash prizes and bonus cash. But to play an excellent online rummy game, a player must be aware of the basic rules and tricks used to play the game. The Drop option is one of the most significant parts of the game and is discussed in detail in this article.

What Does the Drop Option in the Online Rummy Game Mean?

Isn’t it best to drop out of a game when you are sure you will lose it, no matter what? The drop option in the rummy game caters to the need of a player. There are times it gets difficult for you to make a sequence. You can already see that you cannot do anything with your current hand. At those times, it is a wise thing to quit the game. But it also depends on the First or the Middle Drop penalties. You should always know when to get out of a game while playing a rummy game. The three types of Drops that you should familiarise yourself with while playing a rummy game are:

  • First Drop: The First Drop is When you quit the game before making any move. If you go for First Drop, you pay a penalty of 20 points.
  • Middle Drop: If you drop out of the game after making one or more moves, it is called a Middle Drop and will cost you 40 points as a penalty for the drop.
  • Three missed consecutive turns: Just like a Middle Drop, you will be penalized with 40 points, but unlike the other drop, here, if you fail to make a move for three consecutive turns, you get thrown out of the game automatically.

Scenarios where you should use the Drop option in an online rummy game:

Though the drop option in a rummy game is available to help a player out when they do not want to lose, it is also necessary for the player to know the situations where they have no other choice but to opt for the drop option. You should never choose the drop option if you are not in a dire situation to use it. 

The situations which can be considered worth taking the drop option are:

  • When getting a weak or bad hand – If all the cards dealt to you doesn’t allow you to make proper sequences, then it is time for you to drop out of the game.
  • When high-value cards are left ungrouped – It is true that high-value cards can earn you high points. However, they serve no purpose when left ungrouped. Hence, the chances of a lost game are very high.
  • When forming a pure sequence becomes difficult – One of the primary purposes of the game is to create a Pure Sequence. If that becomes challenging or impossible, dropping out is the best option.
  • When all the jokers are missing from your hand – If you do not get any jokers, the chances of you making an Impure Sequence lessens by a lot and can cost you the game. 
  • When you have no connecting cards – These cards are from 3s to 8s and can come in handy in place of the joker. If you have no joker and connecting cards, dropping out is the best choice.

Which One of the Three Drops is the Most Effective?

Even though in all cases mentioned, circumstances for both the First and the Middle Drop are acceptable. But the Middle Drop is considered the most effective in any situation. But it is always wise to track your points before opting for the Middle Drop because if the points you earned are more than the penalty point for the Middle Drop, you can go for it. Otherwise no. 

After download rummy game app the most important thing first while playing the rummy and wanting to drop off the game is that you observe and evaluate your current score aptly. It is an essential thing for your game.