The majority of online booking engines can be integrated into an existing hotel website and used solely for reservation processing. They can also serve as the hotel website by utilising ready-to-use, customizable website templates. 

Criteo research data revealed that 

  1. Mobile devices account for 45 percent of Online Travel Agency (OTA) bookings. 
  1. Mobile phones are used for 80 percent of last-minute reservations. 
  1. Conversation rates on mobile phones are five times higher than conversion rates on the mobile web. 
  • For the customer: Customer benefits include convenience, security, dependability, value for money, discounts, and efficiency. 
  • For the Hotel: These apps are important for attracting direct bookings because they can generate sales at a high rate. Benefits provided to hotels by these apps include direct contact, brand promise, customer loyalty, user data, and automation. 
  • Travel Agency: This section can significantly benefit your business because the app allows you to explore new markets, user engagement, user data, and brand recognition. 
  • Owners of App Businesses: App owners typically seek enormous benefits in the form of user variety, user engagement, and a variety of revenue streams such as subscriptions, ads, commissions, fees, and so on. 

The Hotel Booking app Business is evolving by the day, so you must stay on top of your game to stay ahead of the competition. 

You must constantly monitor all new apps that enter the market and the exciting new features they bring to the table. 

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OTRAMS is a world leading Travel Technology Platform. It is a complete travel ERP system built to drive seamless operations for destination management companies, Online travel agents, travel agencies and wholesalers.

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