What is Organic Farming in India region?

Organic agriculture within India is an agricultural practice which uses pest control that is derived from organic manure as well as the waste of animals or plants. The farming began to respond to the environmental damage that chemical pesticides cause and synthetic fertilizers. This is a fresh method of agriculture that fixes the damage, improves and maintains the balance of nature. Which make us the best organic fertilizer company in India and we are happy to see a very good response to us from the farmer.

Methods of Organic agriculture

  1. Soil Management

The management of soil is a most fundamental method of organic agriculture in India. After the cultivation process, soil loses its nutrients and the fertilizer is reduced. The process by which soil recharges itself with all the nutrients it needs is known as soil management. Organic farming utilizes natural methods to improve the fertility of soil. It makes use of bacteria that are found in the waste of animals. The bacteria aids in making the soil more productive as well as fertile. Soil Management is at the top of the list of organic farming techniques.

  1. Weed Management

Organic farming’s primary goal is to eliminate unwanted weeds. Weeds are a weed that is not wanted that grow alongside the crop. Weeds that stick to nutrients in the soil affected the growth of the crop.

  1. Crop Diversity

Based on this method the different crops can be grown in tandem to meet the increasing demand for the crops. Diversity of crops is among the most well-known organic farming methods in India.

  1. Chemical Management in Farming

Agriculture farms are home to harmful and beneficial organisms that can harm farms. To protect soil and crops in the process, the growth of organisms must be monitored. This is why natural or less chemicals, pesticides and herbicides are used to protect crops and soil. A proper maintenance program is essential throughout the region to keep out other species.

  1. Biological Pest Control

This method uses living organisms to combat pests without the use of chemical. Organic farming methods are practiced by Indian farmers working in the field of agriculture.


Advantages of Organic Farming

  1. A) Organic agriculture in India is extremely cost-effective and does not use costly fertilizers, pesticides or seeds of HYV to plant of crops. There is no cost.
  2. B) By using cheap and locally-sourced inputs, farmers can get a decent return on investment.
  3. C) There is an enormous demand for organic food products in India and around the world, and they can make more money by export.
  4. D) Organic products are healthier delicious, tasty, and beneficial for health compared to the products that are formulated with fertilizers and chemicals.
  5. E) The organic farming practice in India is very eco-friendly and does not use chemical fertilizers or chemicals.


Disadvantages of Organic Farming

  1. A) Organic agriculture in India is less diverse and non-seasonal crop varieties are not as plentiful.
  2. B) Organic agricultural products are extremely scarce in the beginning. Farmers have difficulty able to manage the mass production.
  3. C) The biggest drawback organic farming has is the inability to market of the product and a lack of infrastructure.


Types of Organic Farming

Organic farming is two kinds. Check out the following article about the kind of organic farming that is being practiced in India.

  1. A) Organic farming that is pure – When you are in pure organic farming, you are no need to use any chemical that is unnatural. In pure farming the fertilizer and pesticides are sourced through natural resources. This is referred to as organic pure farming. Organic farming is best option for high-performance.
  2. B) Integrated organic farming– Integrated organic farming consists of integrated nutrients management and integrated pest management.


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