Adobe Experience Manager is a Content Management System (CMS), a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, a Cloud Service, and much more, with extensive integrations throughout the Adobe Experience Cloud. The solution to content complexity is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). As companies grow, they must control and optimize digital media across multiple sites and channels.

To maintain an omnichannel and personalised experience, companies in B2B and B2C commerce must keep their marketing materials relevant. One Harvard study found that 73% of shoppers engage with brands across multiple channels, achannels. Additionally, multi-channel shoppers spend 4% more than single-channel shoppers. You can create an omnichannel experience with AEM.


AEM is an enterprise content management system that optimises authoring, managing, and delivering digital content. Using AEM, you can create unique digital experiences and manage context-specific messages across products, services, organizations, and countries. According to Adobe, teams deliver new brand and country sites 66% faster and are 23% more productive after implementing AEM. Essentially, it allows you to send a personalised message at the right time to the right person.



Using a Content Management System ensures that your content is aligned with your customer’s journey, ensuring that they receive a personalised experience. Using Adobe Experience Manager, you can create and manage your digital commerce experience across all of your channels with tools that make it easy.


You can manage your product assets with a digital asset management tool, including videos, documents, logos, presentations, images, and audio. You can access, retrieve, and use all of these digital files more efficiently with digital asset management. With Adobe Experience Manager, your team will spend less time searching for assets and more time improving your digital experience. With Adobe Experience Manager Assets, you can quickly access, retrieve, and use your assets across various audiences and channels, thanks to smart tools and automation.


Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise-grade cloud service that helps you stay one step ahead of your customers. AEM cloud service enables seamless updates, so your team always has access to the latest tools and Adobe functionality. Furthermore, this service ensures that your team is always on the same page globally.


The Adobe Experience Manager’s project dashboard lets you manage projects centrally. Each project belongs to a logical group of resources and is represented by a tile. Users can also add information to specific projects using the project dashboard functionality. It is especially useful for websites and assets, while editors deal with external links, project information, team information, and tasks.


Creating responsive forms, which can be filled out and signed securely online, is made simple with Adobe Experience Manager Forms, our end-to-end solution for creating digital documents.


Out-of-the-box is part of Adobe’s mission and vision, if you know anything about it. Out-of-the-box means what? Your team will already have many of the building blocks and components of Adobe Experience Manager, which reduces development costs. Further, Adobe’s out-of-the-box mantra will continue, and the core components will remain in new versions of AEM, keeping your team up-to-date.


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