SFS Mean On Snapchat

Instant messaging app Snapchat is gaining prominence every day and has become the most popular site to converse with family and friends. The chatters on Snapchat explore new codes while chatting with their contact that might be unique in terms of Snapchat but they are not a secret word. They all have some simple meanings in general that are easy to use.  SFS is an acronym in Snapchat that users may want to know sfs meaning in snapchat.

Let’s explore the meaning of SFS in Snapchat with us. Keep reading it.

SFS Meaning in Snapchat

While chatting with someone on Snapchat, you may notice the term SFS and you are not sure what do sfs mean on snapchat. On Snapchat, there is three different meaning 

  • Snap for Snap
  • Shout out for Shout out
  • Spam for Spam

When SFS used as Snap for Snap, then the simple sfs meaning in text is you desire to share your Snapchat story with a number of people on it.

Shout Out for Shout Out have almost the same meaning and is used for promotional purposes.  Promoting Snapchat profiles to each other using the SFS is the best way to gain followers.  The two users agree to promote each other’s Snapchat usernames or profiles to their respective audiences. It typically involves posting a story or sending a snap that includes a mention or tag of the other Snapchat username, hence increasing exposure on the internet to get more subscribers.

Generally, Spam is used for unwanted messages, but in terms of Snapchat, it means liking, commenting, and more with each other’s Snapchat content.

How to Use SFS on Snapchat

Officially snap chat doesn’t offer, like photos or stories of someone else, that’s why SFS is used to ask people to post your story on their profile and if they accept your request, you have to return the same favor for them.

To use SFS, look for Snapchat users who are willing to collaborate with you and exchange snaps or feature each other’s usernames on their stories. This can be a friend.

Next, you can send a direct message to the user, either through Snapchat chat or any other communication platform you have in common. Politely ask if they would be interested in doing an SFS with you.

If you decide to exchange snaps directly, start sending snaps to each other. Make sure to mention that it’s part of the SFS agreement. 

Note that SFS is a mutual agreement, so it’s essential to maintain good communication, follow through on your commitments, and engage actively during the SFS period.

So, if a user snaps spam or shouts out with you, you need to return the same favor to them.

Other Acronyms Used in Snapchat

These are some other acronym that is used on Snapchat.

  • AMOS:  Add me on Snapchat
  • PMOYS: Put me on your Snapchat
  • SB:  Snap Back
  • ESB: Everyone Snapback
  • GMS:  Good Morning streaks
  • SNR:   Streaks and recent.

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