What Are The Benefits Of Installing An FM-200 Fire Suppression System?

Whether you own a beautiful commercial property or a computer server room, a fire extinguisher is crucial for protecting your business from a fire emergency. You risk losing time, essential assets, and possibly your entire organization if you don’t have a fire suppression system. The FM-200 Fire Suppression System is among the most famous & valuable products, but what makes it superior to others in its class?

Fm-200 Fire Suppression is Fast

The sensitive detectors of the FM-200 fire suppression system can detect even the most minor fires. When the FM-200 fire suppression system catches fire in the room, it may respond in a couple of seconds by flooding the space with an extinguishing agent and preventing the fire from spreading.

The Fm-200 Fire Suppression System is Clean.

Because the FM-200 fire suppression system discharges as a gas rather than a foaming agent, no residue is left behind to damage even the most delicate equipment! You can immediately get back to work with all your systems intact because there is no clean-up.

The Fm-200 Fire Suppression System is Safe.

People may be exposed to & breathe in the gas when the FM-200 fire suppression system floods the room with gas to put out the fire. The FM-200 agent, on the other hand, is entirely safe and will not interfere with breathing or eyesight.

The Fm-200 Fire Suppression System is Environmentally Friendly.

The FM-200 fire suppression system is well-known for being a “green” alternative to older Halon systems. The environmentally friendly FM-200 fire suppression systems offer a 0% Ozone Depletion Rate! You really don’t need to worry or fear harming the environment when using an FM-200 fire suppression system. Its fire suppression system is one of today’s most technologically advanced fire suppression systems. The FM-200 fire suppression system is essential for every commercial enterprise because of its capacity to safeguard your most important assets swiftly and efficiently while still being ecologically friendly.

Please contact Alma Security & Safety today if you are in Saudi Arabia and are interested in purchasing or installing an FM-200 fire suppression system or learning more about alternative fire suppression systems.

Fire Fitting systems are categorized into equipment that helps us arrest a fire. Based on the type of fire and size of the building, different types of equipment or techniques may be used. Firefighting systems are necessary as fire incidents often have a considerable cost in terms of life and material. To avoid any such losses, it is advisable to pre-assess the fire hazard of all buildings and install a suitable fire fighting system.

Some of the standard firefighting systems are:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Foam-Based Fire Fighting System

Based on the size and nature of buildings, the above systems are installed. If there is a small office of 400 sq. feet where accounting work is done with five staff members, only fire extinguishers would be installed, considering there is a low fire hazard level. Whereas for similar office spaces, if they are handling chemicals, Foam-based Fire Fighting, Fire Hydrant, and Sprinkler systems would also be recommended considering a high fire hazard. Suppose we were to talk about residential areas in Saudi Arabia. Different fire fighting systems are recommended based on the height of the building. Buildings below 24 meters in height need only Extinguishers, Hose Reels, and Hydrants, whereas buildings above the height of 45 meters need Extinguishers, Hose Reels and Hydrants, and an Automatic Sprinkler System.

An extinguisher can be categorized under first aid or preliminary firefighting equipment, which can help arrest a small fire. Hose reel drums are also similar to fire extinguishers. They are easy to use and have a limited capacity for apprehending fires. Fire Hydrants and Automated Sprinkler systems are complex equipment suggested only in buildings with high fire hazards, and only experienced firefighters can effectively use a Fire Hydrant system. At Alma Security & Safety, we have been involved in installing Fire Fighting Systems in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Locations for many years. If you want more info about our Fire Alarm Equipment, go through our website.

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