Ways to Ask Partner to Get Tested for STDs

From herpes to HIV, you may know about various types of sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs) that are related to your health. To deal with the problems of STDs, it is always necessary to do proper tests and diagnosis. You need to have a gut feeling to ask your partner to get tested for STDs if you are sexually active. It is also important to know your health if you are sexually active and you are acquainted with some symptoms of STDs. 

Whenever you are deciding to have sex with a new partner, it is important to use protection. There are various types of approaches based on the reassuring problems related to sexual diseases. There are various functionalities on the basis of the tests along with the function of tests. It is also important to work on the analysis and the results of conversational tests.

For managing the probability of blood or semen tests, it is always important to deal with the condition of the tests and diagnosis. There are various problems related to the condition of your sexual health. If you want to balance your nervous system, you should always deal with the setup of the nervous system. The conversation starters can be of various types when you ask your partner for the test. Take a look!

  • Have you done any STD test ever because I have done it?
  • Before we jump to the next level of our relationship, don’t you think we should get tested for STDs?  
  • It is not easy to deal with the STD tests, but if we need a healthy sex life, don’t you think we should have the tests?

Questions to Ask about STD

While navigating the issues related to STD, you need to communicate properly with your sex partner. If you are sexually active, then you need to take precautions as per the convenience. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, then there won’t be the problems related to sexually transmitted diseases. There are some questions related to sexual health that clarifies the doubt of an individual regarding health issues. There are some conversations related to STD that need to be asked before you come close to your partner. Have a look at some questions:

  • What type of protection should be used?
  • Are you allergic to latex?
  • What is the time to use protection?
  • Do you need to use protection when you are engaged to a sex partner?
  • How often protection can be used?
  • Which type of sexual activities attracts you?
  • What are the numbers of partners you have currently?
  • Do you have both male and female partners, partners of opposite sex, and partners of same sex?
  • What are your styles of having sex?
  • Do you have many partners including me?
  • Did you have an STD in the past?
  • Are you affected with STDs currently?
  • What are the tests you did for STD?
  • Have you done an HIV test?
  • When was your last HPV or Pap smear test?
  • Before doing the tests, how many sex partners did you have?
  • In which hospital, you can be treated for STD?

Questions for lifestyle

  • Do you need a drug injection?
  • Are you influenced with alcohol or drugs while using the protection?

Phrases for reassuring

  • Let us get sexually tested together.
  • Your health is always important to me.
  • Let us discuss how we can protect each other.
  • If we both are safe, then enjoying sex together will be great.

Factors to share

  • If both of us are uncomfortable getting tested for STI, the healthcare providers can help us in using the kits for testing the STDs in home.
  • When can you find the sexually transmitted disease, and start the treatment?
  • Suppose if you don’t want to talk to the regular healthcare providers, what are the STD testing parts?
  • Is it easy to get tested if you have common diseases such as chlamydia, STDs, and gonorrhea?
  • While talking to the regular healthcare providers, you should check what kind of diseases you actually have?

Ways to Discuss about Test Results

You need to follow various tests to detect the problem and understand the risk. There are some anxiety-inducing problems that are related to the test results. Have a look at the factors to keep in mind for choosing the ways to get tested for STDs:

  • Manage Positive Attitude

Suppose your partner and you have STD, keeping a positive attitude can be quite challenging. You need to remember you have to face challenges. Therefore, don’t keep your morale down. Try to fight the difficulties with a positive attitude. For leading a healthy life, many people are in relationships. The problem arises when you are in a parenthood stage because this disease can affect your children.       

  • Understand the Facts

Every STD has a different story with it along with the factors. There are some common questions related to STD, which can help in understanding the matter related to the disease. There are various questions related to the disease. If you understand how to deal with the disease, then you won’t face any problem.  

  • Practice on Words

This always sounds great while managing the issues related to the problems of STDs. If the practice of words can be managed properly, it is always necessary to work on the functionalities. If you ask the right questions with the right words in practice, it is always important to ask the questions to the people who can deal with the function of the test results.  

  • Think about the Security and Safety

If you are doing the tests to detect the result, you should always check the security of the clinic or the test kits. If the testing procedure is right, then you may start with the function of STD tests.

Bottom Line

You may get tested for STDs in London at the right time. Without the test, you won’t get the result. It is always important to look at the factors before you ask your partner to do STD test.

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