The internet can be a lifeline while you’re away from home on vacation or a business trip. However, unreliable wifi and data plans can make staying connected a hassle. Follow these tips to use the internet while traveling with as few problems as possible.

Prepare Before You Leave

The most important thing you can do is prepare ahead of time before your trip. This will minimize issues while you’re actually traveling.

•Update software and back up important files on all your devices like phones, tablets and laptops.

•Install useful apps like maps, translation tools, currency converters and travel guides.

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•Turn on battery saving modes and disable notifications for apps you won’t need. This will save battery life.

•download any movies, music or podcasts you want to enjoy offline during flights or downtime.

• make sure you have international data enabled on your phone if traveling abroad. Research the best options from your carrier.

•Turn on wifi calling if your phone supports it. This uses data rather than cellular service to make calls.

•Print important information like boarding passes, confirmed itineraries and customer service numbers. Technology can fail so having paper backups is wise.

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Use a Travel Router

One of the best ways to ensure reliable internet access is to bring your own wifi hotspot with a travel router. A travel router:

•Creates a secure wifi network you control separate from any public networks.

•Provides stronger and faster wifi speeds for all your devices.

•Works in more than 100 countries around the world.

•Helps prevent others from hacking into your network or snooping on your data.

Look for a compact, lightweight travel router that’s easy to setup and use. Then you’ll have reliable wifi wherever you stay.

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Monitor Your Data Usage

While traveling, pay close attention to how much cellular data your devices are using to avoid exceeding data limits. You can:

•Enable cellular data limits and alerts on your phone through your carrier or in settings.

•Temporarily disable apps like maps and social media from using data in the background.

•Switch to wifi whenever possible to use less of your data plan.

•Consider purchasing an international data plan if you’ll be abroad for an extended time.

Keep Devices Charged

Having your devices run out of battery power while traveling can be disastrous. Make sure to:

•Fully charge all devices before leaving and bring charging cables.

•Bring a portable charger or power bank with enough capacity to charge your devices at least once while away from an outlet.

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•Turn on battery saving modes on devices before flights with no access to power.

•Minimize screen brightness, turn off wifi and Bluetooth when not in use.

•Place larger devices like laptops in airplane mode when not actively using to preserve power.

•Keep devices, chargers and power banks in your carry-on bag in case luggage is delayed.

Be Flexible and Patient

No matter how much you prepare, expect that internet issues will inevitably come up at some point during your trip. The key is to stay flexible and remain patient. Things to remember:

•Wifi can be spotty and slow at hotels, airports and cafes.

•Technology can fail without warning due to software bugs or hardware glitches.

•Cell service may be affected by weather, building structures or network congestion.

•Public wifi networks can be unreliable and potentially unsafe for banking or personal information.

•Disconnecting for short periods can actually improve your travel experience and state of mind.

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Following these hassle-free internet tips will dramatically increase your chances of staying connected while traveling. But remember true adventure often involves letting go of technology for a while. So embrace the journey, enjoy the moment and come back with wonderful stories that no device could ever capture. Bon voyage!

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